Cliché Stories Omaha Stations Can't Resist

January 1st: First baby of new year
February 2nd: Groundhog day
MLK Day: "I Have a Dream" speech
May 31st: School's Out!
June 10th: College World Series!
July 4th: Fireworks safety
Temp > 95°: Don't overheat!
August 1st: Pools are closing!
Early August: School shopping!
Mid-August: Back-to-School!
Pre-Thanksgiving: People are traveling!
Thanksgiving Day: Aww...Volunteers Serve Meals!
Day After Thanksgiving: Stores are busy!
Christmas Day: Someone's having a shitty Christmas
December 26th: Returns!
December 31st: (Early Evening) Fireworks Downtown!
Temp < 5°: Dress in layers!
> 3" of Snow: Chaos! Emergency! Danger!
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