Thursday, June 30, 2011


SuxNews has found someone to sit next to loud lithper Jimmy Siedlecki.

The amazing thing is that she appears to be neither the cloying cheerleader/spokesmodel that her predecessor, Malorie "Maltard" Maddox, was/is, nor the limp dishrag that Ann McIntire and her lifeless clones (e.g., LeAnne Mormann and Brianna Long, and Chase Moffitt) have proven to be. 

As long as she's okay with Jimmy stepping all over her lines and weighing in with his fatuous observations every 37 seconds, she'll be perfectly happy in her new gig. If SuxNews has shown us anything, it's that talent can be stifled if surrounded by enough pathetic hacks.

Check out the story (from the Lincoln Journal-Star) here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


• Would someone please tell KETV's chief weatherguesser, Bill Randby, that "gustnado" is not a word and that even if it were a word, it would not be appropriate to say 36 times is a two-minute span?

• Rather than burden its reporters by making them go out and collect footage of Monday evening's storm, WOWT filled its 10 p.m. broadcast with a bungled live remote from the CWS (people ran to the Qwest Center!) and pictures from viewers—many of which, anchor John J-Pa Knicely noted, were described as "scary." Say what you will about him, the man is an artist with words.

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Will Thursday evening's broadcasts be Tracy Madden's last on SuxNews?

When news of her departure seeped out last month, her final day on-air was said to be June 3rd. But since the station's main anchors no longer appear on Fridays, it seems that Thursday could mark her final newscast.

Whether it's Thursday or Friday, Madden's departure hasn't drawn anything close to the hyper-hyped orgy of schmaltz that accompanied the "retirement" of her predecessor, Pat Persaud, in 2005.

Even the morning show departure of Madden's successor, Maltard Maddox, has been relatively subdued, at least by SuxNews standards.

Co-anchor Jimmy Siedlecki presented the giggly blond (who's been sporting a new helmet-y looking 'do, apparently in anticipation of her ascent) with a cake featuring a giant Channel Sux logo, while meteorologist Rusty Lord handed her a couple of small energy drink bottles that looked like he'd grabbed them at a convenience store on the way to work this morning.

It was as touching a moment as could be expected between two shallow co-anchors who haven't once in five-plus years on the program displayed a single genuine emotion about anything, unless you count self-satisfaction as a genuine emotion.

Given Maddox's tendency to look like a love-struck cheerleader trying to impress the quarterback while working with Siedlecki, we shudder to imagine how sickening her performance will be when she's next to the even-more-clueless John Knicely, who has made a career of merely resembling an anchor.

Meanwhile, looking more and more like a combatant poised to stomp on the throat of a weakened opponent, KETV isn't wasting any time in trying to capitalize on the fact that Madden's departure leaves SuxNews bankrupt when it comes to news talent.

Exhibit A: Channel 7 is promoting a new anchor lineup for its weeknight newscasts, with Melissa Fry and Adrian Whitsett assuming duties at 5 p.m., while Rob McCartney and Brandi Petersen retain their slots at 6 and 10 p.m. The promo we've seen stresses the local roots of the four anchors, underscoring the shocking inability of its rivals to cultivate a similarly strong stable of personalities from within the market.

Thank god at least one local station has an owner willing to invest in at least appearing to develop a competent, credible news organization. We can only hope that other stations eventually fall into such hands.
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