Saturday, May 28, 2011


For a station that can't seem to stop talking about its social networking prowess, SuxNews has brought an avalanche of Facebook hate-posts upon itself by canceling its "Fairytale Wedding" contest, just minutes before it was due to announce the results.

An alert reader reports:
So they cancelled the Fairytale wedding contest! Thanks to those who voted for my friends in the Omaha, Neb, fairytale wedding contest. They were legitimately winning, and with about 30 minutes remaining, the news director of the Faiytale wedding contest pulled the plug and posted this: WOWT noticed what appear to be patterns that are inconsistent with a normal vote in the Fairytale Wedding contest. We called in our IT professionals who confirmed our suspicions. We tried to solve the problem by using a third party app, but found concerns with that as well. Understandably, many of our loyal WOWT fans have expressed concerns about the integrity of the contest. We understand their frustration and have decided to pull the contest completely. We feel that at this point, there is no way to award the prize fairly. We want to thank everyone who participated and feel terrible that what was meant to be a fun contest has ended this way. We would like to do this contest again and are looking into other programs that offer a more restricted access. We will not run any future contests using the “like” button on the WOWT Facebook page. - Amy Adams, WOWT News Director What a scam!! There was cheating going on, but I don't agree with how it was handled. Outright cancelling the contest is not a solution. Their facebook page is exploding with hatemail right about now... I'm so disappointed for my friends who were winning down to the wire and would have had $14k in wedding services donated for the big day. WOWT Fail.
Classic work from a station that just can't seem to get anything right. It'll be interesting to see if they keep running promos exhorting viewers to visit their Facebook page (or "Face-bick," if you're Maltard Maddox).

It adds even more irony than usual to the phrase "The News You Trust," doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

If there was in fact cheating, then not declaring a winner was the right thing to do.

Joey said...

@gldeys, that is correct. Any contest where there is suspected fraud should result in just dropping the contest without a winner. So in that sense they did the right thing.

I think what everyone is trying to highlight here is the fact that WOWT really blew it. How on earth did they come to the conlusion this was a good way to hold a contest?

Day in and day out they refer to their Facebook page like it's some kind of gold mine of factual information provided by the viewers. Using the viewer comments many times in place of good factual and solid reporting. It's just sad and lazy reporting.

So seeing this backfire is funny in the ironic sense.

Vernon J said...

That is what you get for running a contest on facebook. Too bad that WOWT doesn't have a website or something.

Vernon J said...

That's what you get for using a facebook page, too bad WOWT doesn't have a website or soemthing.

Joey said...

Pull the contest completely? I just saw on their web site they have declared a winner? That doesn't sound like they pulled it...

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