Monday, May 09, 2011


Leave it to Maltard. This morning, she warned viewers about a traffic accident in "North O."

The location? 48th and Giles. (See "A" on map below.)

Just one more example of the two dimwits anchoring that "show" (as they call it) simultaneously pretending to know it all and showcasing their profound ignorance.


Dumb Anguish said...

She's just getting ready to sit next to John Knicely in the big chair.

- “We have breaking news. There was a shooting at 180th and Pacific three days ago”

- “Oh no, Jawhn! We already know that North Omaha has already been decimetered by a lawt of shootings”

- “That’s right, Malorie…Um. Um…We recently reported that area in North Omaha has recently been ravaged by um…recent brutal violence in recent days”

- “That’s right Jawhn! We are now going to go live to Jake Wakismacki-…Jake Wikiped...Jake W. LIVE in North Omaha”

- “Yeah, this is Jake Wasikowski, actually I’m here in West Omaha…”

- (interrupting, looking nervous) “That was Jake Wakesahowlingbee LIVE from North Omaha! Lets check Channel 6 Facebick: Malorie M from Omaha writes ‘OMG, I can’t believe the violence continues in North Omaha’ A sentiment shared by many in the Metro, Jawhn”

Jacquie said...

Maybe she lives in Plattsmouth?

Joey said...

^ That is pretty much spot on.

Cogitor said...

No mention of the new morning anchor over on KMthird? She's a little too happy to be there, but an IMMENSE improvement over Sheila Brummer, and she's pretty easy to look at. Apparently Deanne Brink came from KC. A welcome addition, for sure.

Now if they can get that goofball CT to stop over-explaining the meaning of an "KMTV Action 3 News Weather Alert Day" every 10 minutes, especially when the forecast has no trace of a cloud, let alone a shower, they'd be making a little headway.

Blujay said...

The new KMTV morning anchor has had too much work done, and looks like "Broadcast Barbie-Retired Edition". I am pretty sure she came from Joplin or St. Joe, not KC, although, she isn't as creepy to watch as Shelia...I am not sure when or if KMTV will ever get the mornings right:(

Helio said...

Well said Cogitor! If CT would just do his job - he wouldn't need to constantly explain his job. KMthird goes to great lengths to try to scare the heck out of everyone with all of their the so called "ALERTS!!!"

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