Friday, May 27, 2011


A key cog in Channel Sux's collection of charisma-challenged reporters and anchors, weekend newsreader Ann McIntire appears to be vying to replace Maltard Maddox on the station's "Daybreak" program when the latter succeeds Tracy Madden as lead female anchor on June 6th.

Anchoring Friday's 5 p.m. blabbercast, McIntire informed viewers that, due to flooding along the Missouri River,
"additional [city] parks may need to be closed, if necessary."

Being able to deliver that kind of line would seem to give the mousy McIntire a decided edge as the station looks for someone to giggle and toss out trite remarks in response to co-anchor Jimmy Thiedlecki's desperate (and loud and just plain sad) attempts to prove how smart he is.


omatvwatcher said...

Are you guys aware of the major FAIL with WOWT's Facebook Wedding Giveaway? Apparently they decided to run a major contest with about $15,000 in prizes that was determined solely by people "liking" videos on their Facebook page. All of a sudden, this evening, they figured out there may have been some cheating, tried to get their "IT Team" on the case, and about half an hour before the prize was going to be announced called the whole thing off. Needless to say, the Big 6 is getting flamed on their FB page. Here's Amy Adams "explanation", along with quite a few comments:

Dumb Anguish said...

Oh dude, this is classic. People are ripping WOWT a new one on their Facebook page. Apparently WOWT had some kind of wedding contest, based on "liking" the WOWT Facebook page.

At the zero hour WOWT decided not to give away the $14000 prize (they claim cheating). And now folks are pissed. They are tearing into WOWT and Amy Adams and asking other news stations to investigate them.

Of course, WOWT will erase said posts before too long to continue the illusion that the world loves them. But for now, its a hoot to read.

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