Thursday, March 03, 2011

Daily Double

Every time we think we'll sit down and write about some of the blunders at other stations, SuxNews manages to push its competitors aside to display just how comprehensive its incompetence is.

This morning, morning monkey Jethro Siedlecki and his co-workers were able to screw up the same word two different ways!

This episode occurred during a story about recent cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis.

Not only was the on-screen spelling mangled ("pertussus"); Thiedlecki added his own special touch by pronouncing it "purr-TOOSE-us" (for clarity, we're pretending there was no lithp). (Hear the correct pronunciation here.)

To make sure we weren't being overly critical, we checked with a medical professional who's been in the profession 27 years; she confirmed Jimmy's idiocy, saying that she has never heard anyone pronounce it as he did.

So, hang on, Channel 3rd. Maybe we'll get to you tomorrow.


Cogitor said...

Purr-TOOS-us? Really, Jim? Good Lord, man! You've been around long enough to read a little, haven't you? And you have kids, so they've probably been vaccinated against it.

That crappy news director's replacement should insist the anchors take 10-15 minutes to go over the damn copy to get that out of their systems. I know mistakes happen, but all of that "lovely" writing (cough) that happens at WOWT loses meaning when you read it off the prompter like it's coming one letter at a time. Not to mention the distraction to the viewer.

The new morning live reporter needs to stick with reporting instead of interviewing on camera, too. It's painful watching someone so unprepared she has no idea what to ask an interview subject during their little home show vamp. God Almighty!

Helio said...

The latest that WOWT is offering is to sign up for "Stormcall" so they can contact our cell phones when there is the risk of bad weather. They have a hard enough time with presenting a decent program.

On another note - how many times do you think that a reference to "Facebook"is mentioned on the local news on a daily basis? Way too many times for me.

Cogitor said...

At this point, even one mention of Facebook on the news, unless it involves a story were Facebook is an integral element, is one too many. What a colossal time-waster.

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