Wednesday, March 02, 2011


• Well, it was only a matter of time until SuxNews morning anchor Malorie "Ellie May" Maddox followed in the footsteps of former anchorcrone Pat Persaud and started using her baby to further her career. Tuesday's 10 p.m. SuxCast featured a report from "backpack journalist" LeAnn Moorman, who visited Maltard and her family at home. Maltard sounded like any other brain-dead former cheerleader as she gushed about how much she's enjoying "meather-HID."

• The tradition of hype about anchorbabies at SuxNews is well-established; anchors like Maltard and Queen Pat appear be immune to shame as they allow the station to hype their kids' births as if they were part of the Shrine Circus.

But such orgies are hardly obligatory. Both current evening anchor Tracy Madden and recently dismissed weekend anchor Jaime McCutcheon avoided turning their kids into props. Yes, they allowed a picture or two, but stopped short of letting the station take over the house and run never-ending promos about their big events. The same goes for Channel 7's Brandi Petersen, whose recent baby delivery was mentioned but hardly given the hoopla accorded baby Maltard.

• The idiotic anchorbaby stories are a favorite at Channel Sux. They're likely something news director Amy Adams heard at some convention or wherever it is that lazy news directors get their ideas. According to insiders at Sux, Adams is a big part of the reason for lousy morale and claptrap work there. Add her name to the long list of finalists in the pink-slip competition at 35th and Farnam. In fact, you may want to put it near the top.

• Finally, can anyone explain why SuxNews's Sunday morning blathercast featured a rotating list of school closings at the bottom of the screen?


Operation Seng said...


This has been going on since Sue Baggerly (wow...there's a blast from the past) was anchoring the morning broadcast.

Maybe we'll be lucky and Maltard will decide to forgo her position as what passes for an anchorwoman. This will leave the door open for the highly talented Caitlin Roth to take her place.


But I can dream can't I...?

Dumb Anguish said...

Congratulations Maltard...You can procreate!

God help us when that kid has his first birthday.

EJ said...

News Flash: It was Sunday, after all. Those schools were closed.

Jay said...

Only problem with putting Caitlin Roth behind the desk is we won't get to have her walking around on the screen anymore! She will be far to hidden!

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