Sunday, February 06, 2011



We really like that you're airing a spot noting that giggling Channel Sux Ejacucaster Jim Flowers looks like Simpsons character Ned Flanders. The "Separated at Birth?" tag at the end is an especially nice touch.

However, a trip down Amnesia Lane to March 11, 2005 might make someone think you'd gotten the idea somewhere else.

By the way, did you catch Channel Sux's discussion of the spot on its 10 p.m. Sunday newscast? Flowers seems to be flattered by the comparison, even though he says he'd never heard of Ned Flanders before and had to look him up on Wikipedia.

Isn't blissful cluelessness another of Ned's most amusing traits?

Well, gotta run. Feel free to keep pilfering our work. Next maybe you can air a promo pointing out Jimmy Thiedlecki's uncanny resemblance to the Beverly Hillbillies' Jethro Bodine. Or Gomer Pyle. Either one works.



omatvwatcher said...

Desperation. It's the world's worst cologne. Those news employees who were laid off should use that as a plus on their resumes. btw...these commercials got everyone where I was at talking about the stations mentioned in the commercials. NOT you. Good work, geniuses.

Brian said...

Found a link to the complete list of commercials on KXVO's site...

Husker Mike said...

I thought the "Like Action 3, we gave up on local news years ago" spot was pretty funny. (And actually one of the funniest ads on the whole Super Bowl...)

Operation Seng said...

Gotta admit...after my jaw dropped at the various KXVO promos...that WAS actually somewhat humorous...'re not working for KXVO now, are you...?

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