Friday, January 21, 2011


A few odds and ends at the end of a snowy week . . .

• We happened to catch Action 3rd's 10 p.m. Thursday 'cast and must admit that it was surprisingly not awful. Bland anchor Carol Wang was working without her bland co-anchor, What's-His-Name. While no stories were outstanding, it was a solid, fairly well-executed effort. If all (or even most) of the station's evening newscasts are of similar quality, we'd have to say KMTV is second only to KETV when it comes to delivering a watchable product.

• Meanwhile, we can't avoid being irritated about Channel 7's new-found flirtations with pointlessness. First, there's the recent introduction of "7 Mobile Live" (a car with a cellphone), which on Friday morning gave viewers choppy video and audio of Melissa Fry driving around town. Other than giving them a chance to say "7 Mobile Live," we can't figure out what it was supposed to add to the broadcast.

• A second helping of stupidity has come with the station's decision to follow SuxNews's lead by making frequent references to its Facebook page. Why can't all stations realize that no one's tuning in to see something they can find online 24/7? And even if people were tuning in for that, what's the point of having an anchor read random posts? The extent to which stations must strain to accomplish this was displayed by Channel 3rd on Thursday at 10; one quoted comment was "That's right!" And we're not editing; that really was the entire quote.

• KETV has also decided to emulate its inferiors at WOWT by having anchors finish talking to a reporter in the field and then turn to the camera and tell viewers that "that was [insert name here], reporting live." Isn't Channel 7 above adopting such hackneyed habits?

• Finally, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the glee we feel each time SuxNews airs its "I on the Metro" during Live at Five and the anchor is forced to conclude the segment by begging viewers to send in their own 25-second mumbly clips. Actually, the glee comes from the fact that we have yet to see even one viewer-submitted shaky video. All we get is shaky video from the station's skeleton crew of reporters, which only shows us one more thing they're bad at.


Cogitor said...

I'm picking up a new phone next week. Maybe I'll fire it up, get on a pogo stick in the dark, hop on down the road past some other station's logo, and do the voice-over with a knit cap stuffed in my mouth. It should be an instant WOWT hit.

Helio said...

The one annoyance that I have with KMTV is their constant "Weather Alert Day" reminders scare tactics. The icon is way too much even during prime time programming. The weather crawl on the bottom of the screen should be enough. Otherwise, I agree with the ranking.

Al said...

I must say about the only local newscast I watch lately is KMTV. At least it's somewhat solid journalism and the two anchors project experience.

These reports with cellphones are silly. I could do the same thing on my phone and a webcast URL.

The Facebook re-reads are dumb.

Overall, the "journalists" at 6 and 7 are embarrassing.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Cog: Even better; drive through Des Moines while doing it. :-)

Dumb Anguish said...

Oh no. Please tell me that nitwit Malorie Maddox did not just name her kid Moss? All that does is make me picture a character from a British comedy called the “The IT Crowd”, the socially awkward computer geek named…you guessed it…Moss.

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