Saturday, January 08, 2011


Not sure what we were thinking when we wrote our predictions post and suggested that Channel 7 would try out Melissa Fry on the evening anchor desk during Brandi Petersen's maternity leave.

While that is certainly one option, a better one might to move current morning anchor Nichole Berlie to evenings.

Berlie, who holds a master's degree from broadcasting factory Syracuse has been at the station longer than Fry and is as smooth and credible an anchor as you'll find in this town.

When is the last time an Omaha station having two talented anchor candidates on its bench?

Speaking of qualified anchors, several alert readers (and Mrs. Brockman) have mentioned that SuxNews meteorologist Caitlin Roth seems to have taken over the 11:30 a.m. chair in addition to her weather duties. All give glowing reports.

Regular Channel Sux viewers must be stupefied to have switched so suddenly from small-timer Jimmy Thiedlecki to the poised, intelligent Penn State graduate Roth. (PSU is considered by many to be the top meteroology school in the U.S.)

If SuxNews management has any sense whatsoever (and there's no reason to believe they do), they'll move Giggly Jim Flowers toward the door and replace him with Roth, post haste.


Operation Seng said...

Anyone by chance see the Sux news at 10 PM Saturday night? They referred to Jeff Fortenberry as a representative from Iowa. Even Jaime McCutcheon referred to Fortenberry as an Iowa congressman. Last I heard...Fortenberry was a Nebraska congressman. Did I miss the first district in Nebraska succeeding from Nebraska? It just gets better and better. Isn't it about time that someone over there was actually fired for the inept crap they keep putting out...? Ah well...if nothing gives me a great laugh.

omatvwatcher said...

Wow, something like that 10-20 years ago would be a serious offense to get you on probation, borderline canned (in reference to Fortenberry mistake above). Sadly, these issues are hardly an Omaha/WOWT problem. They go up the chain all the way to network. Welcome to the corporatacracy of America. Profits over quality or decency at all costs, and it's us, the consumers who accept a crap product who are to blame. When the premiere of a total crap show like Jersey Shore becomes the highest rated show for MTV, who is responsible for said crap? The audience that watches it.

tommy said...

Wow! There's a reason Nichole works mornings. She'd never survivor working evenings. That requires drive, creativity and commitment.

Sherry said...

Melissa fry is horrible....she can't put a sentence together and it's painful to listen to her......I love Nichole berlie but if they take her who would they put on in the am?

And speaking of channel six......isn't Jodie baker awful? Why is she on tv?

bkwriter2007 said...

You know who is an alumnus of Penn State? None other than giggly Jim.

Omababe said...

>They referred to Jeff Fortenberry
>as a representative from Iowa.

Jeesh! That's something right out of the script for Ted Baxter on the MTM show!

KPAVE said...

I LOVE Melissa Fry-I think she brings enthusiasm to the station and I think that she is great at 'putting a sentence together' (aka talking?). I wish she had a stronger presence at the station

Rich said...

Melissa Fry.....enthusiasm and she's hot!

Pete said...

I think either Melissa or Nichole would be good choices. It's only temporary anyway, Brandi will be back in a few months.

But has anyone seen Nichole in person?? She's frickin' SMOKIN'!!!
KETV needs to invest in better lighting for their anchors with some "pigment" because what they use now definitely doesn't do her justice. At all.

Also @tommy - she has a master's degree. I think that proves she has plenty of drive, creativity, and commitment.

Cogitor said...

Yes, Melissa Fry is an attractive woman, and possibly a good reporter. As an anchor, she's rather articulate and poised.


If she's not reading exactly what's on the page, she cannot speak. Her "happy talk" is on par with most of the rest of this town. She's not quite as stiff as Knicely, not quite as stupid or irrelevant as Brummer, she doesn't say "PET up with" when she means "PUT up with" like Malorie, but she hems and haws like Mel Tillis when trying to work off-prompter. In that respect she's Nadia Singh or Ann McIntire.

Please, Omaha television news people (a term one must use loosely here), leave the yak to the talk shows, and just give us what's written. It's painful to watch all of you cinch up like that.

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