Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We can't remember the last time the management of SuxNews got a decison so right.

But we couldn't have been more surprised this morning when we awoke to the sight of meteorologist Caitlin Roth substituting for Maltard Maddox on the Daybreak program. (Maddox is on maternity leave, having delivered a baby last Friday.)

As mentioned in this space before, Roth has been stellar as anchor of the midday program the last several weeks, but stellar work has seldom been correlated with an increase in airtime at Channel Sux. In fact, the casual viewer might reasonably suspect an inverse relationship between the two.

Unfortunately for Roth, she must share the anchor desk with the poster boy for baseless self-satisfaction, the hickish Jimmy Siedlecki, who was all too eager this morning to play the role of knowing veteran showing a "new kid" the ropes. What Jethro doesn't seem to realize is that Roth is better at the anchor desk after a few weeks than he is after years of trying to get it right.

But, lest our message be lost against the specter of Jimmy's lispy quips, we offer our gratitude to SuxNews for its shocking display of good judgment.


Dumb Anguish said...

I totally want to jump aboard the Caitlin Roth bandwagon! I finally got to see her on the anchor desk this morning and she is about ten million times better than whats-her-face. What a breath of fresh air!

Sadly, Siedlecki still makes the program completely unwatchable. He doesn’t know how to shut the f*** up!! He has to make a comment and inject his allegedly humorous opinion after every flipping news story. He’s just plain unbearable.

Cogitor said...

My concern is that WOWT changes people once they've been on the air there for a while, and not for the better. Knicely was a decent sports guy at KETV. Having shared a table with him during that time at a sports-related banquet, I found him to be quite normal, and well-spoken. Now he's stiff as a board and can't seem to get a sentence out. Malorie started off pretty good too, save for the vowel pronunciation problems. Something about how poorly that place does business just seems to eat away at them, killing them slowly. You don't get better there.

DanaM said...

what happened? she hasn't been back on since last Monday??? I wrote to wowt today to ask for her back... Ann McIntyre is bad!

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