Thursday, December 09, 2010


If we were narcissistic, we might think that SuxNews is just f-ing with us. Some of what they're airing lately is material that KPTM wouldn't have run even in its darkest days. That anyone can intro this stuff with a straight face (or any shred of self-respect) is truly remarkable.

Case in point: On Thursday's Live at Five, J-Pa "How Much Is That Hairpiece in the Window?" Knicely told viewers that every Thursday, the station is running a segment called "i-"something, which consists of sending out a team of its most worthless reporters to capture 30 seconds of shaky, cell-phone-quality video while talking about what they're shooting. 

On this installment, we were treated to sniveling dolt Gary Smollen mumbling about winter approaching as he recorded a man painting the railing on the Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge. As if that weren't enough, in-over-her-head warbler Ann McIntire panned up and down Howard Street while she told us that, in two days, the street would be closed for some event or another. 

For a full-blown story, "backpack journalist" Jeff Sabin broke a story about the existence of calorie counting apps for cell phones.

It's absolutely staggering to see what a pathetic shell of a news station WOWT has become. Not only is it staffed almost completely with third- and fourth-rate on-air talent, whoever is steering the ship is operating at an even lower level. 

How much worse can it get? We thought they'd hit bottom a couple of years ago, so we're probably not the ones to ask.


Anonymous said...

I keep hoping that WOWT cleans house like KMTV did when they god rid of Ward / Peterson.

Cogitor said...

It's now at the point where a clean, professional newscast would be the exception, rather than the rule. I haven't seen a clean cast out of WOWT in a long time. They're just horrible. And the others aren't far behind.

Over the weekend we learned about CONGRA's ice rink. WOWT put up that misspelled key, and, of course, left it up for the entire package. Not only is no one proofing their keys, but no one's even looking at the on air screen to see what's going out.

They're also still in the habit of thanking video tape, instead of having the reporters just announce themselves at the end of the package and having the live anchor move on to the next piece. I imagine it was some consultant who pushed that, but it just makes them sound flat-out stupid.

Joey said...

I like the glimpse of the set that we got yesterday during the weather. The camera was zoomed way out so you could see the studio and monitors to the sides of the weather map, which made the image do some funky stuff.

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