Monday, December 27, 2010

John Knicely's Ron Burgundy Pronunciation of the Day

Introducing Maltard Maddox's canned "consumer" story on frozen pizza brands, J-Pa called DiGiorno "DEE-ghee-ORN-yoh."

Geez. Even Maltard got the pronumciation right on this one (although she did manage to twist Kashi into "KAW-shee").

Maybe J-Pa should sign up next time former anchor-hag Pat Persaud advertises a trip to Italy.

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Cogitor said...

Siedlecki was giving the lame top 6 the other morning with Rusty (movies, or meewwwvies, if you're Malorie), and he remarked that it was good they didn't have a typo when Little Fockers popped up on the screen in the #1 position. The sad thing is, and he did more than hint at knowing it: The bigger surprise is that there WASN'T a typo.

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