Thursday, December 23, 2010


The economy may be turning around, but the plunge in effort and quality continues unabated at Channel Sux.

Wednesday night found the dumbest of dumb blonds, Maltard Maddox, enlightening viewers about gift cards and whether folks enjoy getting them for Christmas.

Dumb story, you say, but how is that different from any other content-free story Maltard and SuxNews seem to specialize in?

Here's how:

Apparently, Maltard is now too brain-dead and lazy to even move her bloated, pregnant ass out onto the sidewalk in front of the station. Instead, her entire story consisted of her getting opinions from her co-workers.

That's right. Instead of coming up with an interesting story idea and then exerting even the slightest effort to make it interesting, Maltard thinks of an item and then stays within a radius of maybe 25 feet of her desk to get opinions from people in her office.

And so again, just when we think WOWT can't possibly get any worse, Maltard and her incompetent co-workers step up to prove us wrong.

Here's a gift idea: hand a pink slip to this moronic, sorry excuse for a journalist and everyone else like her that assigns or delivers crap like this.

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