Thursday, December 02, 2010


It'd be hard to prove based on this site, but we really do restrain ourselves from pointing out every Channel Sux malfunction, miscue, and moronic comment. There are two reasons for this. 

First, a certain number of slip-ups are to be expected when you're doing live TV. 

Second, there are only 24 hours in a day.

We were going to overlook this next item, but since several alert readers called it to our attention, we decided to run with it. WARNING: It's gross. And we're not just talking about the station.

So, here's part of the email from our alert reader:

Did you catch the booger-eating incident Wednesday night? (Sorry it's gross). Of course, it was the lead story by Ann McIntire about a lady who shopped all night Thanksgiving and into Friday morning. She then had her packages stolen. As they interviewed the lady on her couch, her daughter in the background was picking her nose (sorry again) and eating the bounty. She did it twice!! I came off the couch laughing (the girl was not that young). It was in full view of the camera - I was so distracted I didn't even listen to what the woman was saying. I watched the replay at 10:30 but it looked like they fixed the cropping of the shot somewhat to cut off the incident in the background. I just couldn't believe they taped the interview that way, then aired it without noticing. 
Frankly, we're not surprised they aired it. What does surprise us is that McIntire wasn't the one eating the booger.


Omababe said...

>As they interviewed the lady on
>her couch, her daughter in the
>background was {deletia ...}

Okay everybody, on 3 ... 1-2-3 ...


But seriously, how could the news crew shoot that and not notice it? Hey, at least adjust the angle and shoot so it doesn't show if you don't want to do a full re-take.

How could the production staff ever let that one slip by them? Jeesh!

Joey said...

Did anyone watch sux at 6 yesterday? Talk about shooting from the hip, the last 10 minutes of that newscast was like 100% improvised. Ortiz was reading the prompter like a 2nd grader and starring at the screen like a schmo when the outdoor guy came out of nowhere with his duck call or whatever and delivered his lines better than Ortiz.

Before commercial break J-Pa Nicerug says something like "a little improvising, but that's what it's all about". Actually, you really aren't supposed to improvise a newscast, Johnny. Even so, that was bad improvising.

Julie said...

My sister called me instantly after she watched the "gold digger" and was laughing her butt off. The next day our family had a get together at her house and thank god she recorded it! My whole family was in an uproar laughing! I mean as funny as it was, how could Channel 6 miss that before airing it? And its not like it was a 4 year old doing it, this girl looked like she was around 13. I do kinda feel bad for the booger eater though. Can you imagine the flack shes gonna catch at school for that? Tissue anyone?

Jack said...

In the last week at the start of the 5 AM newscast, they showed the date as being "April 26".

I'm not surprised they let this incident get by them. They've gotten sloppy over the last year and with some of the same on-air personnel they've had around for years.

When I see stuff like this I say "way to go, KPTM" (making reference to the poor quality of their production.

Ted Brockman said...

Julie: How could they miss it? You're assuming there's someone there who could catch it. Is there anyone even remotely in charge around there who cares?

omatvwatcher said...

For their job for creative producer, the person who writes, shoots and edits the station's commercial spot, there is an extra portion for "other duties" the job will require:

"Candidate must be able to direct newscasts, operate master control as well as resolve issues on the fly."

I think that tells you a lot about why the station can't seem to keep things together.

Cogitor said...

A classic this morning from KETV: They sent Whitsett (sp?) out in the field to do a story on - get this - the COLD in Omaha in December. He was framed up in front of the the school bus lot on 72nd, holding a plastic water bottle. He seemed genuinely amazed that the 10 ounces of water in the bottle were starting to freeze with temperatures in the low teens. He called it his science experiment. Jesus H. That EASILY matches the stupid crap that WOWT has been putting out for quite a while now.

There's just no hope in this town for intelligent local news programming. None.

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