Friday, December 31, 2010


Congratulations to SuxNews's lithpy morning yeller Jimmy Siedlecki for ending the year with another factual error delivered in his trademark know-it-all voice.

While sharing his astute observations about Thursday night's Husker loss in the Holiday Bowl, Thiedlecki noted that the outcome left the Big 12 with an 0-4 bowl record so far this year.

But if Jimmy were even half the expert he imagines himself to be, he would have known that the conference is actually 1-4, with only Oklahoma State winning and Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas State, and Baylor losing. But that's a mighty big (and unrealistic) if.

We have no doubt that Jethro will keep up the thuper work in 2011.

• • •

Speaking of the Husker bowl game, what was the deal with the sound on KETV sports director Blandy Kendeigh's pre-game reports from San Diego? The segments aired at 5 and 6 p.m. on Thursday contained a pronounced buzz, as if Kendeigh had recorded them beneath a bank of malfunctioning flourescent lights.

Honestly, did no one notice this before airing the spots? That sort of lapse is inexcusable and it's a prime example of the laziness that has become all too common in this market.


Joey said...

I posted new pictures. Enjoy:

Jill said...

I did notice and thought my house was humming.

Rickless said...

I noticed that as well, and between that buzzing and watching some guy with a last name that sounds like candy, well... that's all the excuse I needed to ninja-kick my old TV into oblivion, dust off my foot, and head to the 'Mart for a new super-duper TV, which I promptly ninja-kicked the next morning at Theidlecki's on-screen presence. Either we need better news or I need to quit ninja-kicking. This market has shown time and again that it has a taste for the sauce called mediocrity, so I guess the ninja-kick will have to go.

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