Friday, December 31, 2010

1000 Words

Our new favorite alert reader calls himself Joey and his screen captures of some of SuxNews's most representative moments make us laugh every time we see them.

Check 'em out here on photobucket, and do yourself a favor by subscribing to the RSS feed. Don't forget to read Joey's captions, which make the pics even better.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Those are some good ones.

Joey said...

Hey cool. Thanks for the headline fame!

Did anyone watch sux at 6 yesterday?

They of course led off with a captivating John Chapman expose on the new license plates. This included comments from people including people that are posting on their Facebook page. Would you believe that there are 3 types of people, ones that don't like the plate, ones that like it, and ones that don't give a crap. Amazing!

This story was followed by a round of microphone issues. .

Then a story about Dario Scott. A man that is upset because he was served pork in jail even though he was assured that his meal didn't have any pork in it. J-PA continued on to say that, "he claims that pork is prohibited under the Muslim faith.". That's not really a claim there Johnny-boy it is fact, just saying.

Then we get the story about the $330 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot. This featured some amazing interviews from the person that spends what's left of his booze money on the lottery, and the guy that didn't plan on buying one, but ended up buying 5 when he saw how much he could win. And if he does win. . He's gonna buy a new car! How captivating!

Cogitor said...

Yup. Joey, if you keep your finger on the ever-weakening pulse of WOWT, it's going to go to sleep!

Good grief. My classmates and I (aspiring broadcasters at UNO back in the early 80's) put on a better newscast, in terms of both technical aspects and content, as a class project.

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