Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Sh*t

Breaking news: along with national news networks, all three locally-operated TV news stations are reporting today that many, many people are traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. Almost all have confirmed this story by sending reporters to the airport.

On a related note, these same outlets have learned that some of those flying today are uncomfortable with the controversial body-scan technology being used by the TSA. Others are okay with it because they think it's worth the hassle if it keeps them safe.

All outlets seem poised to keep viewers abreast of any new developments in this situation for the next several days. Or until something else happens, like volunteers serving Thanksgiving dinner to the underprivileged. But what are the odds of both things occurring on the same weekend?


fballfan said...

I've said this for years. Can't wait for the stories about shoveling technique so you dont hurt your back, or my favorite, potholes! Local news in this town is a joke!

Dumb Anguish said...

Oh this is going to be gold. But I just saw a WOWT promo. Apparently John Knicely is going to have a "deep brain scan" for a story on the news tonight.

That should take about 7 seconds.

Helio said...

and let's not forget the "Weather Alert Day", on the "Threat Tracker in the Yellow"...too comical.

Al said...

Good stuff, keep up the good work. Omaha's local news scene is fast becoming a joke.

Max Cool said...

Saw a 10/11 reporter interviewing a shopper Friday morning at the Lincoln Best Buy who claimed to have been first in line, and had just finished her check out. The reporter asked her "how does it feel?". With questions like that, the reporter seems destined for a promotion to the sports department.

leo said...

more news cliches .... we should start that thread up again to list the most popular ones

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