Thursday, November 25, 2010


Channel Sux's self-styled New York "expert" and morning albatross anchor Jimmy Thiedlecki tried to impress viewers Thursday morning with references to the giant balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade traveling down Fifth Avenue, which would be swell but for the fact that, as shown on the map below, the parade route does not include any part of Fifth Avenue. Nice try, Gomer!


Operation Seng said...

Can't someone please shut this piece of work the hell up? I am really tired of his running commentary on EVERYTHING! The trouble is...SideSplitty thinks he's actually funny. I wish Channel 7 still had their 11:30 weekday report. Listening to this buffoon is almost too much to bear. Please Sux...make the hurting stop already!

Omababe said...

Uh, Jim, I think you're thinking of a different parade! The Macy's Parade was not the one featured in the Irving Berlin tune. :)

Joey said...

Sux News broke this story wide open last night:

My question is. . Did I miss something? What made them go to a barber shop and ask the guy getting the haircut what he thinks about a rate increase? He's worried about what the increase is going to do to his barber when he has to give up his haircuts to pay his bill. I'm not trying to be mean to this guy, but my grandpa lives off social security and burns wood in the winter so he doesn't have to pay for gas, and his daughter gives him a haircut to save money, and he has a garden where he grows massive ammounts of potatoes so he doesn't have to spend as much at the grocery store. A hair cut? C'mon!

Then this story:

They rescued a bunch of horses and how they don't have a place for them. Again, not to be mean, but do you think that the fact they were abandoned had something to do with nobody was around to take care of them? Just a thought. . Maybe I'm just grumpy today.

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