Monday, November 08, 2010


We found the following letter on our way to work this morning. Unfortunately, the bottom half was torn off, but it seems worth reprinting here.
Dear Brian Williams,
This morning I was watching my local NBC affiliate's morning "news" program and the two people who sit at the anchor desk were discussing Keith Olberman, that guy your company suspended for making campaign contributions.
Anyway, Jimmy, the male anchor (who has a really annoying lisp, by the way) was telling the stupid blond cheerleader (who has trouble pronouncing words properly) that if you were ever to do something as dastardly as what Mr. Olberman did, Jimmy would throw his scripts in the air and walk out, meaning (I think) that he'd quit being on TV. This gave me a really good idea for improving our local station, and I'm hoping you can help.
And that's where it cut off. What do you suppose the "good idea" was?

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