Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fall Back

• If you happened to be up at 4:43 on Monday morning, as Mrs. Brockman was, you already knew what KETV started mentioning in its promos later in the day. Its morning program now starts at 4:30 a.m., meaning John Oakey and Nichole Berlie get to tack 30 minutes onto what is far and away the best option for early risers seeking local news.

• Speaking of same, the program's regular weatherguesser, Chuck McWilliams, is leaving the station at the end of the month to join the Army Corps of Engineers. Replacing him will be KPTM refugee Tyson Pearsall, who spent time at the station prior to becoming chief (only?) guesser at Fox42. McWilliams will be missed, and Pearsall will be an adequate replacement, but it would've been nice for the station to have rescued the pleasant, capable Caitlin Roth from the WOWT excrement factory.


Cogitor said...

Apologies for a little crassness, but sometimes you just have to say it: There's one plus I've noticed at Channel 6 lately. Tracy Madden's new, wind-swept, slightly tousled hair suggests the look of someone who was roundly schtupped in the dressing room just minutes before air.


AL said...

Yeah, they are the best, but I (an early riser), enjoy the ABC world news overnight (or whatever they call it). Now I will miss it most mornings.

Any word on when KETV goes HD?

jolly joe said...

Ted: her name is Nichole Berlie. You left out the 'H'.

AL: I believe the ABC overnight news is still on - just on earlier.

Anonymous said...

Well I watched sux this morning and the crawl at the bottom with the election results was stuck, it did not change for more than an hour.

Great election coverage.
We all know channel six sucks, but they are fun to watch, just to see how soon it is before something screws up.

Anonymous said...

KETV has been HD for almost 2 years.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Agree about Tracey. Big upgrade.

AL said...

I know the station airs HD content (abc), but I do not believe KETV's newscasts have gone HD. I did notice the promo for the new earlier show appeared to be in HD.

Yes, I sometimes get up early enough to see overnight, but that is getting too early for even me.

Dumb Anguish said...

Oh I think the new Tracy 'do is dreadful. Whenever I see her I just keep thinking to myself, "I wonder what happened?"

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