Thursday, November 04, 2010


Maybe this is a sign we've had the TV on too much, but it seems like this must be Have a Dolt Run the Chyron Day at local TV stations. The bungled attempt below, from KETV, ran during a story about the governor announcing he won't seek Ben Nelson's U.S. Senate seat in two years. Are TV keyboards harder to use than regular keyboards?


KM3 Alum said...

Don't put all the blame on the chyron runner--It may have been a case of that's what the producer scripted, and the chyron runner was just following the script (OK, it is still have a Dolt Run the Chyron Day, but they may have been joined by Dolt the Producer!)

KM3 Alum said...

By the way, (just being snarky) that shot of Heineman does not show off his new chin well.

Matt said...

KM3 Alum is right, CG is not responsible for the content of the CG. Most stations have got rid of CG ops and it's all automation.

Still no excuse. Producer is responsible for the newscast.

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