Tuesday, November 09, 2010


According to Mr. Knice-rug, Planters tonight introduces "Mr. Penis"!

That guy is the incompetent gift that just keeps on giving.


Rick said...

Mr. Penis and his smaller nuts. I don't even have the words...

Go F*** yourself, San Diego.

magixphones said...

This is too much - absolutely frickin, hilarious!! My wife and I laughed out loud. I can't believe J-Pa didn't realize what he had said and correct it right away. Probably too embarassing I guess. And then the mention of "Mr. Penis" getting a sidekick in a smaller "nut" named Benson. LOL!!!!!!!

Cogitor said...

Off topic a bit, but it kind of goes along with "Go f*** yourself...Omaha". They care nothing of their product or their audience.

Shooting stories with an iPhone is complete horseshit. You have professional-grade cameras and digital editing equipment. You're SUPPOSED to put out something that looks professional, not some dark, fuzzy, raggedy crap that looks like something posted on an 11-year-old's Facebook page.

And for God's sake, someone take the keys to the live truck away from Justin Joseph, unless you're sending him out to have it washed. That melodramatic, ultra-corny style of his was tired long, long before he hit town. His riveting work on the girl stuck in the mud story was just another stinking pile of schlock that he stamped with his unique child-playing-at-reporter polish.

Dumb Anguish said...

According to Justin Joseph's twitter, he's leaving Omaha for a news job in Denver.

Dude can finally stop creeping me out.

Cogitor said...

Wow...that kind of work, and he's jumping up to a job in a market that's 60 places ahead of Omaha in the DMA rankings. Apparently I'm in the wrong business.

It looks like it'll be Joseph who gets the last laugh on us. He'll be "winning" stories about Mile-High murder victims before we know it.

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