Monday, October 18, 2010


As ridiculous as this news story is, those who have watched SuxNews with any regularity know that the "intellectually disabled" (how's that for a euphemism?) have been graduating from colleges for years.


kdklown said...

Ummm...not to be politically incorrect...but I have two questions.
1}How the hell are retarded people smart enough to attain any sort of legitimate college degree?
2)Is it programs like these that Channel 6 reporters obtained degrees from?

Jay said...

Heck yesterday they had a story about what the pink ribbons were on the UNO campus. They cut to the story, and it is obviously shot with a cell phone camera. Not one of the new smart phones with HD capability, but one of those first generation cell phone cameras where the video is grainy, not color matched, and really really shaky.

You are going to put that on the air? Really?

Omababe said...

I might have two answers: :)

>1}How the hell are retarded people
>smart enough to attain any sort of
>legitimate college degree?

If it's a standard bachelors degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution, they aren't. However, "mainstreaming" those with developmental issues can be beneficial.

>2)Is it programs like these
>that Channel 6 reporters
>obtained degrees from?

LOL, according to Ted's sense of humor, maybe. :)

The possession of the degree does not guarantee competence. (Remember, 50% of graduates graduated in the lower half of their class.) However, one particular media outlet (three, actually?) seems to have a propensity for hiring those who do not create a quality on-screen product.

Oh well ...

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