Wednesday, October 20, 2010


An alert reader sends us this alleged SuxNews tweet from a few days ago . . .

@WOWTweather: A cold front is just to our west. As it crosses the winds will shit to the northwest. We warm to near 76º today.


KM3 Alum said...

This surprises you? We've known for a long time that WOWT does not pay for a copy editor or fact checker.

Ted Brockman said...

Not surprised, just amused.

EJ said...

Not completely accurate. In the original tweet, crosses was misspelled.

Anonymous said...

You never really appreciate how big the manure pile that it WOWT until you spend an extended period away from Omaha and have to watch professional news personnel. And, WOWT if you're reading this, HAVE YOU NO SHAME WHATSOEVER?

Thunderbolt1000 said...

Sometimes I wish they would pull a "Fox 42 Hotel Room News" with WOWT and consolidate and broadcast their newscasts out of some other city where the talent isn't near as bad!

Omababe said...

>until you spend an extended
>period away from Omaha and
>have to watch professional
>news personnel

I do travel semi-frequently and this is one thing which is incredibly obvious! Even in smaller markets the on-screen presentation is usually superior to what we get in Omaha.

However (comma) I recently spent an evening in Grand Junction, Colorado, and I was kind of surprised that the local news was quite amateurish in appearance. Then (dot-dot-dot) I heard the term "web channel"! Uh-huh, you guessed it, same ownership! :(

To their credit, at least they did not use the term "heartland" every other sentence!

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