Monday, September 20, 2010


• At Action3rd, longtime reporter Dave Roberts has been given a weekend anchor job. He will be paired with new hire Kandiss Crone, who comes to Omaha after allegedly being bounced from a station in Jackson, Mississippi. 

Among other hard-hitting stories Crone did while in Jackson was an "undercover" piece revealing that an adult video store owner was selling (gasp) sex toys (Mississippi is one of four states banning sale of such items). According to this amusing account, not even the police were interested in following up on this "exposé." 

Imagine what she could've uncovered if Devon Patton had stayed around.

• A wave of alert reader email has come in regarding KPTM's transition to generic 9 p.m. news being piped in from the Quad Cities. Anchors Taylor Wilson and Amanda Mueller were dismissed so 42 could run a "pretend" local newscast starring some boob named Mike Mickel

Mickel's bio is located on the KPTM website and makes it sound as if he's actually living in Omaha. Asks one alert viewer: "Does Mike Mickel know he's not actually moving to Omaha, or is KPTM blatantly misleading its own viewers?" Um, we're gonna go with the latter.

Since Omaha's local paper hasn't yet discovered television as a medium worth covering with any regularity, Lincoln Journal-Star writer Jeff Korbelik has a more detailed account of this scam.

• As sad as we are to report it, SuxNews weekend evening anchor Jaime McCutcheon seems to be falling into the gears of the Channel Sux quality grinder. Her college football banter the past few weeks has been so forced that it's embarrassing. Then came Saturday night's reference to an incident at 16th and Lothrop (pronounced LOW-thrup for you out-of-towners). McCutcheon's rendition? "Sixteenth and luh-THROPE."

Hand us Le Kleenex. One of the only capable on-air employees at WOWT is being mentally asphyxiated before our eyes.

• And then what's up with the idiots yankin' the cranks inside the SuxNews "Sports Machine"? Last week, chirpy sports director Ross Jernstrom was squealing gleefully about a high school football game and referred to Westside player Tiras Bolton as "Tiras Bowen" at least three times.

In previewing college matchups the same weekend, Jernstrom's sidekick Greg "The Eyebrows" Ortiz rattled off several with phrases like "It'll be number one verse unranked blah blah blah, and number seven Nebraska verse unranked Washington." Does someone really need to tell a college graduate sports anchor that it's "versus," not "verse"?

This is the same Ortiz who Saturday night referred to Nebraska running back Roy Helu as "Ron" Helu.

Good gravy!


KM3 Alum said...

Are you updating your resume? Reading your latest post leads me to the conclusion that the race to the bottom in local tv news has picked up speed and is getting closer to the death spiral.
It won't be long until there isn't anything for you to blog about.
Sad...very sad

nobody2k9 said...

Does anyone know Melissa Fry's story, I think if given the opportunity I would date her.

Omababe said...

I finally watched the New Improved (yeah, right) Fox 42 News At Nine last night.

Let's see, where do I start?

First of all, I think it absolutely sucks that they moved the production and the jobs out of Omaha! :( Typical suit-wonk thinking short-term with only the pocketbook and not with the brain!

Or did they outsource their management too? :( Sounds like that mentality! :(

Having said that, about the actual production and presentation, for the first 15 minutes or so I have to admit I was surprised and impressed. Far more professional in delivery than any of the so-called Big Three in Omaha! Definitely some polish, no happy-talk or inane banter, all hard news. No over-use of the term "Heartland" - Hooray!

Then I heard the one anchor pronounce that one Maritime Province "new-FOUND-land", and it kinda caught me off guard. Maybe that's the way the pronounce it in Davenport, eh, but I always thought everyone who studied North American Geography knew better.

Anyway, one cut-away report had a very amateurish delivery, obviously a student, intern, or whatever. Not Ready For Prime Time!

Then, in the last minute, they almost switched into a mini tribute to Big Six's Gigglefest. :(

Conclusion: I admit that I watch(ed) Fox 42 news so seldom that I would not have noticed the anchor change had I not been following this.

I would give a B- for production and delivery, with the minus coming from an amateurish report and the unnecessary banter toward the end. Otherwise, I have to admit it showed talent and polish.

I would give an F- for the management decision to outsource. Local news needs to be local, and what part of "local" don't the management types at Fox 42 understand?

Oh well ...

Joey said...

I like how on KPTM's website the "home" menu has the "about us" section. . Yet they have another entire menu called "about us". I guess they want to make sure you can find the about us section with ease.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

I love Nadia Singh to pieces, my kind of lady (carpenter's nightmare) but for the love of $Deity, stop wearing the leather! It's like Arthur Fonzarelli's reading the news or something.

Rich said...

Melissa Fry one of the hottest reporters in Omaha. Also talented. Molly Graham right in there too. Malorie, sorry Ted, is a hottie. Liz Dorland, not too shabby. However, all are taken. Sorry nobody2k9

Joey said...

I just watched the Friday Night Fever on suxnews. Their game of the week was Burke and Papillion LaVista they showed a highlight of the game, but Webber and the banner at the bottom said Papillion South. I took a classic picture of a cheerleader with Monarchs on the uniform and Papillion South at the bottom of screen. haha

Joey said...

I just heard Jaime McCutcheon say that it's going to take awhile to get used to seeing Rosenblatt as a football field. Well you better get used to it fast, because 3 more games and that sucker is toast!

Jack said...

I couldn't but help to comment about a prounouncement gaff by WOWT's Greg Ortiz that you missed. It had to do with an award that NU football hall-of-famer Grant Wistrom received. Ortiz called him "Grant Winstrom" even though the video that was shown with the story of Grant on the football field with the name on his jersey. It reminds me of a gaff a few decades ago by then sports reporter Greg Peterson made while at KETV. He pronounced the local girls high school Duchesne, "doo-CHES-knee".

Joey said...

Tonight's Mike McKnight story featured a Walmart customer that I guess wanted to steal a TV, but ended up chucking it at the greeter. Why he picked the Visio instead of the Sony is another topic. But Mike's story on the website starts out with "A shoplifter didn't get away with a flat screen". First of all, if he didn't actually steal the TV he's not technically a shoplifter. Second, stop calling it a flat screen, do they make curved screen TVs still?

Cogitor said...

Sorry, Joey. If he took the TV to the door without paying, and with the intent of not paying, or if he stashed anything on his person with the intent of keeping it without paying for it, he's a shoplifter, and can be arrested as such.

Joshua said...

So 42's anchor is named "Cacky Catlett"?! Seriously?!?

omatvwatcher said...

I may be crazy, but the anchor "filling in" for Mike Mickle sounds like he has a British accent?

omatvwatcher said...

For a station that laid off quite a few people, it sure has a lot of job openings. None of the people released could have been retrained, or are these openings an illusion?

Sometimes I wonder if the owners of a lot of these companies and corporations are just laying people off not only to save money, but to make sure a certain party gets back into power to keep giving them more tax breaks.

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