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Summer's over. Time to get back to work. Where to start?

There've been quite a few departures and arrivals in the past several weeks. We see the exits of weekend anchor Devon Patton and Kerri Stowell as positives for the Channel 3rd. Then again, lord knows what they'll hire. So far Dave Roberts doing weekends has worked. Maybe they should stick with that.

At Channel 7, longtime morning field reporter Mike'l Severe is out the door, and it's been a while since we've seen Eddie Munster doppleganger Ryan Luby on the air. Severe's departure is a big loss for the station, since he is perhaps the hardest-working man in Omaha TV right now. There have been several new hires at 7, but, for the life of us, we can't recall a single one of their names.

Of course, even the greenest of KETV's new hires would top just about anything working at SuxNews. No one there seems to be going anywhere. (Who'd offer them jobs?) Mumbly, videotape-thanking weekend morning anchor Bryan Latham is gone; no loss there. And Dave Weber, who supposedly retired a year ago, keeps resurfacing alongside amply-eyebrowed Greg Ortiz, who was hired some months ago to replace Merlin Klaus. Although Weber is still more palatable than his successor, Ross Jernstrom, his post-retirement loitering is second only to Rainbow Rowell's return to the local paper in the "Pathetic Retreads" department.

Speaking of Ross and the Suxers, one alert reader asks,

Is Ross as dumb as he acts?  He always has completely idiotic teases for upcoming stories, but today is probably one of the worst.  Back in 1970 he could get away with a lot more but now in 2010 don't tease "Coming up at 6, we will show you where the huskers are in the ESPN 25 college football poll".  We have this thing called the internet, most people that care, already know, and the rest can go to this crazy new invention called the "internet" and check it out sometime in the next hour.  How you come up with an original story and tease that, oh wait, don't try that, I don't want to see what you would come up with. 
Better yet just say "and the huskers ended up 10th in the ESPN poll and now back to you Nice-rug and Maltard"!

Lest you wonder if local victims viewers are the only ones astounded by the ineptitude at SuxNews, one alert reader writes,
I used to live in Omaha for 10 years. I moved away 2 years ago to Dallas, but travel back here from time to time. I like to keep up with your blog, but tonight drove me crazy......The lead off story tonight is about sharing too much info online through Facebook & Twitter??? and "reporting live by Justin Joseph"??? That followed up by a missing woman? I would hate to be that woman's family. You got beat out by a live report people post too much info on Facebook!
I know I have become spoiled by a very professional (and corporate owned) TV station, but WOWT has become ridiculous!!
I was up here for the CWS and noticed that JPa messed up reading a slide that was on the screen he was reading word for word what was shown on the screen but became lost. This was followed up by ~30 secs of stuttering and stammering and dead air. I talked to a friend "in the biz" who started laughing about his incompetence> I though that was bad but tonight was worse.

The J-Pa thing is getting worse. We have to wonder if the guy isn't suffering mini-strokes or something when that stuff happens. Combined with the fact that he frequently drops syllables and stumbles over things that even he should be able to pronounce, his performance might lead the untrained eye to conclude that there's something besides his usual incompetence at work.

Yet another reader advised us to check out Channel Sux reporter Justin Joseph's blog. While we were hesitant to wade into such excrement-infested waters, it proved to be worth the trip. Not only does the guy take himself waaaaay too seriously, he writes as if he's composing a script for a 1968 episode of Dragnet.  Check it out here.

Turning to the topic of KPTM's ongoing liquidation, one reader reports that

that place is ready to implode.  The news announcement, in addition to the departure and imminent departure of key personnel, have left that station in very bad shape.  There are a few people left that actually do good work, but the remainder of the staff are clueless and/or bean counters who are looking at short-term solutions for improving the bottom line.  Problem is, that bottom line will only be good for a few months until the draconian cuts have their inevitable effect of lowering ratings - at which point the people who made those cuts will blame the few who are good employees and keep cutting.  Death spiral.
That ship is sinking (again).

That's it for the moment. Discuss.


Omababe said...

>Weber ... his post-retirement
>loitering is second only to Rainbow
>Rowell's return to the local paper

LOL, be careful, you may get Queen Pat back. :)

Anonymous said...

Justin's Blog.

I'm reading this story and he say 'The woman allowed her daughter to tell the story which was very compelling.

We won the story.

The moral of the story is always get there first. I still think If I had been first to get the victim she would have talked to me, but you never know!'

NO ONE WINS, a man lost his life.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

There is absolutely no reason to watch 42 now. Strange, Megan, Jenny and Taylor are still on their website, but no Amanda. The living envy the dead, I guess.

Cogitor said...

Holy $%!*, that blog is hilarious! But I could only take a few paragraphs before my head started to cave in. Baby steps.

"It didn’t take long to realize this lady was at the center of the story."

- Nice work, J.J., or shall we say, Sergeant Friday? That's what one would expect from a professional. To get it from anyone at Six is almost a bonus.

"Usually in the news we try our best to let other news crews do their work before we move-in."

- Is that to have them identify the 'center of the story' easier, to let them do your leg work for you? Since when? Jesus...

"Breaking-news is a whole different animal."

- Breaking news is hyphenated? Break dancing isn't even hyphenated. Breaking news is a different animal at WOWT, I'll grant you that. Breaking news for WOWT is something that happens on Wednesday and is reported as breaking news Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and both weekend morning newscasts. "Here's something we reported as breaking news five days ago..."

Jeff said...

Someone tell the folks over in Davenport that we're having a general election in November, rather than a primary.

Anonymous said...

I read more of Justin Joseph's blog... Awesome use of grammar.not.

'Me and my photographer...'

And the post about the CB murder? Someone died, you idiot, and you are camped at the poor lady's house like vultures! Have some respect.

nebraska said...

I saw Channel 42's bizarre new for mat. Who are those people? I felt like I was in a motel in another city, and upon turning on the local news, that is what was on. What happened to AMANDA Mueller?

KM3 Alum said...

Initially, I was happy to hear Rainbow Rowell was returning to the Weird Harold. I had enjoyed her columns very much and appreciated the strong local flavor and variety of her subjects. However, I have been disappointed since her return. Maybe it is motherhood, maybe it is a few years in the ad business, maybe she has evolved from down-to-earth roots to West Omaha upscale. Wednesday's column about the meaning of post pregnancy jeans was too much. I'd rather read Justin Joseph's blog!

Dumb Anguish said...

Awww. What happened to Bryan Latham? Not that he was any good. Just had this little crush thing going for him.

That Justin Joseph “stake-out” blog was too damn funny. You’re right. Dude takes himself WAY too seriously. “We won the story”, he crows. Yeah, congrats. You were the best loiterer that day.

And John Knicely is just plain creeping me out. Can we please just have Tracy Madden (who is, sadly, also being assimilated into a WOWT drone) read the news by herself? And just keep J-Pa around as the “host” of the show? Then he can just wander around the studio, laugh hysterically with Jim Flowers, laugh hysterically with Ross Jernstrom and laugh hysterically with Tracy Madden and quit having to pretend he understands what he’s talking about.

But I miss Mike’l Severe on KETV in the mornings. He was great at his job.

Joey said...

I am currently compiling pictures I've taken with my cell phone of the on air gaffes that can be captured with a picture. Of course a picture can't capture the blank stares, the missed mic or camera cues that frequent the news cast. But there is plenty of other screw ups that you can. I'll get them uploaded when I get a more sizable collection (which won't take long) and post a link to them here. Standby...

autumnwind said...

Add to Channel 7 exit list:

Sportsjoker Matt Schick (again)

Veteran reporter Carol Kloss

newshound said...

Justin does take himself waaayyy tooo seriously. And his grammar does suck. Also, it's hard to take a reporter seriously when he doesn't even know the proper use of words. Justin, it's "cajoling," not "conjoling."

justthefacts said...

Maybe a little off topic, cause they are new and not leaving, but what's up with the names of some of the new on-air talent at 7? Natalie Glucklich? Come on, that one just screams out for a stage name. Or the new sports guy I saw the other night, Andy Kendeigh. When the voice over guy intro'd him, it sounded like he said "Andy Candy". Bet those two were teased when they were kids.

Jesse said...

It would make sense that Justin Joseph's blog is written like an episode of Dragnet. He's been on a dragnet looking for the people who stole his bike for years now (Pee-Wee Herman reference).

Some Guy said...

Lincoln notices KPTM changes


Joey said...

I took a screen shot, but one of the stories on their "WebChannel" goes a little something like this:

"CVS Pharmacy bought a square block on the corner of 72nd and Maple Street. But we the addition of a pharmacy there it may hinge on how another location is resolved. "

Maybe I'm tired. Is that English?

KM3 Alum said...

If this blog hasn't convinced you that channel 6 staffers didn't spend too much time in school, yesterday's afternoon drive time update (on KGOR) from Tracy Madden may do the job. Tracy breathlessly announced that Nebraska students are far above the national average in ACT scores. She continued to relate how Nebraska students' average score was 585. One slight problem--the maximum ACT score is 36. Apparently, Tracy and her newswriter never heard of the SATs.

Anonymous said...

@KM3 Alum...

And 585 is a fairly abysmal score for the SAT.

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