Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ten Reasons to Prefer KETV news programs over those of Channels Sux and 3rd:

1.  Little to no giggling among anchors.
2. Ability to develop talent.
3. FirstNews morning program.
4. Rob McCartney
5. They don't ask viewers to buy weather forecasts from them.
6. Melissa Fry
7. Nicole Berlie
8. Sports guys can pronounce names of players.
9. They don't call their webpage a "channel."
10. John Oakey.


Helio said...

11. no "rapping" sports commercials.
12. No "weather alert day"crap.

Omababe said...

13. Least use of the term "Heartland".

nobody2k9 said...

13. Brandi Petersen
14/ Two week weather forcast on Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

14. Brandi Peterson
15. No "breaking news" from three days ago

nebraska said...

14. Channel 7 people are approachable in public. I am NOT a media groupie, or anything like that, but have met the KETV people in public. Usually, this is at restaurants or stores. They have been approachable and friendly, except for Chrisit Anderson. I have heard the Pat Persaud and Tracy Madden horror stories of massive snootiness. The KMTV people have also been reportedly snooty (e.g. Mollie Graham) from what I've been told.

jolly joe said...

(Correct spelling: Nichole Berlie)

Dumb Anguish said...

15. They don't refer to themselves as any kind of "Authority"

16. Their anchors have a basic grasp of the English language.

17. They're able to get through an entire newscast without saying, "We're having trouble with that report, we'll try and get it to you later in the newscast"

Omababe said...

Well, uh, I was gonna write in saying that number 18 or whatever we're up to should be that Channel 7 News is locally produced and not outsourced. :)

However, I just heard the Channel 7 guy refer to the terrorist leader as "Bin LAY-den", so I might recommend some remedial current events work for them. :(

Cogitor said...

xx. Apparently there are fewer monkeys in the control room at other stations than at Six. WOWT's Sunday night cast was another cluster%#&k, repeatedly switching between the actual cast and replays of the opening roll. It's patently absurd that a "professional" organization would produce more newscasts with technical problems than without. I guess there's no one in management or ownership there that cares what comes out of that place.

Joey said...

Ok, I put up some pictures.

Click the pictures for a larger size and to see my quirky little description.

This is only a sample of the mistakes. Sometimes I'm not watching where I can pause and rewind. Sometimes the gaffes just can't be captured in a picture.

Dumb Anguish said...


Those pictures are priceless! I especially the one with Andrea Rich standing off to the side with her arms crossed like a wallflower at the 8th grade dance.

EJ said...

At least WOWT doesn't confine it's crap to the airwaves. Nice tweet: @WOWTweather: A cold front is just to our west. As it corsses the winds will shit to the northwest. We warm to near 76º today.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, just for fun, I go to the wowt web channel. I was watching the brain trust that is Tracy Madden and John Chapman and Tracy introduced (by reading what was written for her) a story on a beating case in court. She was about to let John read what was written for him but prior to letting John read she had to say that John was LIVE! As if it mattered whether John was reading LIVE! or on tape? Morons.

Joey said...

I threw a couple new pictures up.

I've seen several more mistakes, but I wasn't watching on my TV with the DVR so I couldn't pause and get pictures. Darn. . Oh well, I'm sure there will be plenty more!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the list and all the additions with the exception of Melissa Fry.

She can't do a live report without screwing it up and can't read the tele-prompter correctly while in the newsplex whether it's a traffic report or a newscast. Honestly I'm surprised she made your list with these easy to see problems. She is super easy on the eyes, but that honestly can only go so far.

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