Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ten Reasons to Prefer KETV news programs over those of Channels Sux and 3rd:

1.  Little to no giggling among anchors.
2. Ability to develop talent.
3. FirstNews morning program.
4. Rob McCartney
5. They don't ask viewers to buy weather forecasts from them.
6. Melissa Fry
7. Nicole Berlie
8. Sports guys can pronounce names of players.
9. They don't call their webpage a "channel."
10. John Oakey.

Monday, September 20, 2010


• At Action3rd, longtime reporter Dave Roberts has been given a weekend anchor job. He will be paired with new hire Kandiss Crone, who comes to Omaha after allegedly being bounced from a station in Jackson, Mississippi. 

Among other hard-hitting stories Crone did while in Jackson was an "undercover" piece revealing that an adult video store owner was selling (gasp) sex toys (Mississippi is one of four states banning sale of such items). According to this amusing account, not even the police were interested in following up on this "exposé." 

Imagine what she could've uncovered if Devon Patton had stayed around.

• A wave of alert reader email has come in regarding KPTM's transition to generic 9 p.m. news being piped in from the Quad Cities. Anchors Taylor Wilson and Amanda Mueller were dismissed so 42 could run a "pretend" local newscast starring some boob named Mike Mickel

Mickel's bio is located on the KPTM website and makes it sound as if he's actually living in Omaha. Asks one alert viewer: "Does Mike Mickel know he's not actually moving to Omaha, or is KPTM blatantly misleading its own viewers?" Um, we're gonna go with the latter.

Since Omaha's local paper hasn't yet discovered television as a medium worth covering with any regularity, Lincoln Journal-Star writer Jeff Korbelik has a more detailed account of this scam.

• As sad as we are to report it, SuxNews weekend evening anchor Jaime McCutcheon seems to be falling into the gears of the Channel Sux quality grinder. Her college football banter the past few weeks has been so forced that it's embarrassing. Then came Saturday night's reference to an incident at 16th and Lothrop (pronounced LOW-thrup for you out-of-towners). McCutcheon's rendition? "Sixteenth and luh-THROPE."

Hand us Le Kleenex. One of the only capable on-air employees at WOWT is being mentally asphyxiated before our eyes.

• And then what's up with the idiots yankin' the cranks inside the SuxNews "Sports Machine"? Last week, chirpy sports director Ross Jernstrom was squealing gleefully about a high school football game and referred to Westside player Tiras Bolton as "Tiras Bowen" at least three times.

In previewing college matchups the same weekend, Jernstrom's sidekick Greg "The Eyebrows" Ortiz rattled off several with phrases like "It'll be number one verse unranked blah blah blah, and number seven Nebraska verse unranked Washington." Does someone really need to tell a college graduate sports anchor that it's "versus," not "verse"?

This is the same Ortiz who Saturday night referred to Nebraska running back Roy Helu as "Ron" Helu.

Good gravy!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Summer's over. Time to get back to work. Where to start?

There've been quite a few departures and arrivals in the past several weeks. We see the exits of weekend anchor Devon Patton and Kerri Stowell as positives for the Channel 3rd. Then again, lord knows what they'll hire. So far Dave Roberts doing weekends has worked. Maybe they should stick with that.

At Channel 7, longtime morning field reporter Mike'l Severe is out the door, and it's been a while since we've seen Eddie Munster doppleganger Ryan Luby on the air. Severe's departure is a big loss for the station, since he is perhaps the hardest-working man in Omaha TV right now. There have been several new hires at 7, but, for the life of us, we can't recall a single one of their names.

Of course, even the greenest of KETV's new hires would top just about anything working at SuxNews. No one there seems to be going anywhere. (Who'd offer them jobs?) Mumbly, videotape-thanking weekend morning anchor Bryan Latham is gone; no loss there. And Dave Weber, who supposedly retired a year ago, keeps resurfacing alongside amply-eyebrowed Greg Ortiz, who was hired some months ago to replace Merlin Klaus. Although Weber is still more palatable than his successor, Ross Jernstrom, his post-retirement loitering is second only to Rainbow Rowell's return to the local paper in the "Pathetic Retreads" department.

Speaking of Ross and the Suxers, one alert reader asks,

Is Ross as dumb as he acts?  He always has completely idiotic teases for upcoming stories, but today is probably one of the worst.  Back in 1970 he could get away with a lot more but now in 2010 don't tease "Coming up at 6, we will show you where the huskers are in the ESPN 25 college football poll".  We have this thing called the internet, most people that care, already know, and the rest can go to this crazy new invention called the "internet" and check it out sometime in the next hour.  How you come up with an original story and tease that, oh wait, don't try that, I don't want to see what you would come up with. 
Better yet just say "and the huskers ended up 10th in the ESPN poll and now back to you Nice-rug and Maltard"!

Lest you wonder if local victims viewers are the only ones astounded by the ineptitude at SuxNews, one alert reader writes,
I used to live in Omaha for 10 years. I moved away 2 years ago to Dallas, but travel back here from time to time. I like to keep up with your blog, but tonight drove me crazy......The lead off story tonight is about sharing too much info online through Facebook & Twitter??? and "reporting live by Justin Joseph"??? That followed up by a missing woman? I would hate to be that woman's family. You got beat out by a live report people post too much info on Facebook!
I know I have become spoiled by a very professional (and corporate owned) TV station, but WOWT has become ridiculous!!
I was up here for the CWS and noticed that JPa messed up reading a slide that was on the screen he was reading word for word what was shown on the screen but became lost. This was followed up by ~30 secs of stuttering and stammering and dead air. I talked to a friend "in the biz" who started laughing about his incompetence> I though that was bad but tonight was worse.

The J-Pa thing is getting worse. We have to wonder if the guy isn't suffering mini-strokes or something when that stuff happens. Combined with the fact that he frequently drops syllables and stumbles over things that even he should be able to pronounce, his performance might lead the untrained eye to conclude that there's something besides his usual incompetence at work.

Yet another reader advised us to check out Channel Sux reporter Justin Joseph's blog. While we were hesitant to wade into such excrement-infested waters, it proved to be worth the trip. Not only does the guy take himself waaaaay too seriously, he writes as if he's composing a script for a 1968 episode of Dragnet.  Check it out here.

Turning to the topic of KPTM's ongoing liquidation, one reader reports that

that place is ready to implode.  The news announcement, in addition to the departure and imminent departure of key personnel, have left that station in very bad shape.  There are a few people left that actually do good work, but the remainder of the staff are clueless and/or bean counters who are looking at short-term solutions for improving the bottom line.  Problem is, that bottom line will only be good for a few months until the draconian cuts have their inevitable effect of lowering ratings - at which point the people who made those cuts will blame the few who are good employees and keep cutting.  Death spiral.
That ship is sinking (again).

That's it for the moment. Discuss.
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