Thursday, July 01, 2010


• SuxNews morning twit Malorie Maddox revealed her geographical ignorance on Wednesday, repeatedly referring to South Padre Island and thereabouts as "southeast Texas." For someone as impressed with her book-learnin' as Maltard appears to be, you think she'd know that that part of the state is known as "south Texas," whereas "southeast Texas" refers to the corner of the state between Houston and the Louisiana border.

• Would someone please clarify the ratings picture in this market? Channel Sux is running promos declaring its 10 p.m. newscast the "most-watched," while Channel Seven does likewise. We've got a guess as to who's stretching the truth, but real numbers would be nice to have. Can't the local paper put someone on this story?


Dumb Anguish said...

I think the WOWT voice guy is just reading the copy wrong. Upon closer inspection it says WOWT is “The Heartland’s most botched newscast”. (ba dum bum)

Joe said...

7 is the most watched for the original broadcast.

6 is the "most watched" when you count the viewers of the replayed broadcast on cox 4 + the original broadcast.

Omababe said...

Hmmmm ... I seem to notice that 7's usage of the term "Heartland" is increasing ... do I smell a lawsuit for trademark infringement? :)

Anonymous said...

It's not just Omaha that gives ignorant folks jobs on tv. On KCCI in Des Moines a "reporter" was talking about flooding and clued us in to the fact that "Thousands of cubic square feet of water" are washing over the levee. Cubic square feet? So that would be 6 dimensional water or is it that water has the ability to be both 2 and three dimensional? As Grampa used to say "What a moroon"

Rick said...

Cubic square feet of water is how water is measured in the future, you dope. KCCI is so ahead of the curve on this, we will have to run at full sprint for the rest of our grandchildren's lives just to keep up. You and your paltry three dimensions. BAH! At KCCI, they have at least 10 that I've seen.

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