Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You can take the girl out of Joplin, but you can never quite flush Joplin out of the girl.

Channel Sux's farm-report-caliber morning anchorette Malorie Maddox, filling in on the midday news for Jimmy Thiedlecki on Tuesday, referred to Michigan Senator Carl Levin (sounds like "eleven" without the first e) as Carl "luh-VEEN."

Anyone following national news for more than a few months would recognize the man's name; he's been in the Senate for 32 years. That, of course, explains why Maltard had no clue.

Remember, they're the news you trust.


Cogitor said...

Five or 10 minutes to run though the copy with someone prior to air could be the difference between actually being credible and sounding like a complete idiot. Nothing on that morning show is coming straight off the wire. Especially the top six "wacky dog names" I saw when I flipped down the channel lineup this morning. Jesus H. Christ! Is there so little going on in a market the size of Omaha, or for that matter, nationally, that we have to waste air time on stupid dog names?

If you're not flat-out offended by that lack of respect for your time and intelligence, you are a cast-iron moron, and deserve what you get from the amateurs making the decisions over there.


Dumb Anguish said...

KETV was claiming on their Facebook that they were the highest rated station according to the May ratings. I don't know if that means all their newscasts. But I hope so. They deserve it.

Cogitor said...

Not so sure it's "deserve" as much as a win as the lesser of all evils. KETV is probably the best at writing commercials for paying advertisers into their "news". WOWT is better at technical incompetence. Fox42 doesn't even count, and KM's trying not to. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

You really need to leave Omaha to appreciate how disgusting the state of Omaha tv news is. Where I live the local stations look like professionals who sincerely care about the quality of their newscasts. Omaha, on the other hand, looks like satire. I'd call them amateurish but that would be a slap at amateurs. I'd like to say something to the entire channel 6 organization: Your product and by extension your on air personnel are horrible and an embarrassment and have been such for well over a decade. Have you no shame?

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