Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's been a quiet primary election season, at least when it comes to TV ads from candidates, and for that we can all be glad.

But driving around this morning, we encountered the inexpensive ugly cousin of the slick TV spot: a gaggle of otherwise normal-looking folks standing at a busy intersection, clutching signs for their candidate, sporting vacant smiles, and waving.

Is this effective? Have studies somewhere shown that drivers pass one of these streetcorner human billboards and say, "Gosh. That candidate's sign-holding people waved at me. I'm voting for him"? It just doesn't seem likely.

The other question that comes to mind is whether this is something that goes on elsewhere or a trend that local nitwits have come up with.



Jim Nasium said...

Maybe those folks you saw on the sidewalk are the people who also voted for "Change", and now they spend so much time out there begging for it, someone figured they just as well be holding up a sign.

Wasn't it Bill Engvall who had the comedy routine about "Here's Your Sign"? Only his schtick was about a sign that had the word 'Stupid' written on it.

Ooh...I detect a little irony here!

Rick said...

I think the people who are swayed by the sidewalk solicitors are the issue, the "independent" voters of this city/country. People need convictions, beliefs, or something. Be it to the left or the right, it bothers me that people who cannot commit to something are the one's who sway elections. I'm sorry, but we all believe in something, and when it comes to 30 days before an election, you had better damn well have your mind made up. If you haven't paid enough attention up to 30 days before an election, then that tells me you really don't have a stake in this game. Wake up, people, and pay attention. Remeber last year when everyone said "Jim Suttle? You mean he WON?" I'm not saying their needs to be a poll tax, but I hate to think my vote is cancelled out by some jack-ass who decided that the people holding the X signs were more convincing than the people holding the Y signs.

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