Wednesday, May 12, 2010


KETVNewswatchSeven is running the latest really annoying scare-the-viewer promo, this one an "I-Team" "investigation" entitled "When Bullying Goes Viral."

Really? This is the best they can do? How lazy do you have to be to think this is air-worthy? Or is this some consultant's brilliant idea? (In that case, how lazy does the consultant have to be?)

We've been subjected to variations on the "cyber-bullying" story for years now; it's been flogged to death by every local, network, and cable outlet in the lower 48.

And it's not even a story: kids are predictably stupid and mean. That's been true at least since Jesus invented the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunchbox.

Local newstools (put the hyphen where you like) need to give these idiotic reports a rest. That might free up some time for them to actually get to work and find some real news.

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Helio said...

They keep going back to the barrel to dredge up an old scary topic. If they scare us, we might get tricked into watching them. It boils down to the smaller local news houses pulling out all the stops to compete with each other & all of the web news outlets. The same is true for all the gloom and doom threat tracker weather type scare tactics that they all use. They haven't yet tried to scare us into watching the sports segments yet but I'm sure they will.

It's getting hard to just sort out the news. Sometime it's the delivery. It's fun & easy to talk about Shiela Brummer's low-talking, mumbling delivery. Or Seidliki's know-it-all rants. How about the poor forecasting with Flower's giggling, I could go on. That all takes a back seat to what they all do everyday - good old fashioned fear mongering on many levels.

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