Monday, May 10, 2010


From an alert reader...

How about that Malorie Maddox and her unwavering, hardscrabble sense for journalism? She’s done a story on the internet fashion police, complete with scenes from Sex and the City.  
Click here to view.
If this doesn’t finally get her that long-deserved Emmy, then she’s truly laboring in vain.

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Jim Nasium said...

I can't wait for her compelling follow-up story that compares the pastries at local coffee shops.

Maybe our Mal-Pal can uncover other mysteries, like "When shoe stores advertise 'Buy 1, Get 1 Free', do they mean both an actual PAIR or just an individual shoe?"

Does anyone else remember the TV show "Not Necessarilly the News"? The product from Sux reminds me of some of the stuff they did...only these people are serious about their work - which makes it even funnier sometimes!

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