Monday, May 24, 2010


Former KETVNewswatchSeven reporter Farah "FUBAR" Fazal has landed just north of the Rio Grande with a job at KRGV—the ABC affiliate in Weslaco, Texas.

The Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville-McAllen market is #87, with just over 350,000 households. Omaha is #76, with about 410,000.

While she was in Omaha, Fazal's station bio boasted that she was fluent in Spanish. Perhaps her new job gives her the opportunity to bungle stories in two languages.

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Rick said...

While Fubar was unwatchable, there is one out there that actually makes her seem like an upgrade, KPTMs Megan Youker. Try, just try to listen to any report she does. Her voice has more peaks and valleys than the Rockies. Absolutely the worst delivery I have ever heard from anyone. Maybe she's a hell of a journalist (though I doubt it), but she needs to stick to writing. As long as we are talking about annoying media voices, let's throw in Waitt Radio's own 98.5 evening jock Heather. She might be hot, but her fake/forced valley girl voice needs to go. Not to mention the commercials she does for the nuh-BRi-ska lottery... quit fake-cracking your voice!!!

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