Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We normally can't tolerate the Channel 3rd morning program for more than about ten seconds, but today we were able to endure two minutes or so. What we saw reminded us why watching smarmy dimwit Sheila Brummer and tiny weatherman C.T. Thongklin is even worse than tuning in to watch the hayseed duo that squeezes out Channel Sux's morning dump.

Granted, we should've changed the channel when Thongklin showed the station's "ThreatTracker" rising to "Calamity" on Thursday (it might rain) and assured us that such an event meant that he and the other weatherguessers at 3rd would be "on guard" against severe weather.

But were stupid. We stuck around for Brummer's account of pellet gun shootings in several neighborhoods on Tuesday. After reading the account left over from the previous night's 10 o'clock crew, Brummer began rambling about how she and her husband walked around "that neighborhood" on Tuesday evening and found everything calm. How that was relevant, one can only guess. 

Perhaps she was doing some of her amateur sleuthing/evidence tampering—the kind that got her hauled into court while she was a Suxer.


Dumb Anguish said...

"the kind that got her hauled into court while she was a Suxer."

Dude, I'd love to hear that story!

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Steve said...

So your saying it isn't a shock that the person that hired her at KM3 got fired. Yet another epic fail at Action 3!

Cogitor said...

The Amber Harris case. And no, it's not a story you'd love to hear.

A piece of evidence was found near the perp's house in a trash can, and Brummer handled it before police arrived.

The perp was found guilty, thankfully, but anyone in the business should be well aware of evidence rules. Sheila Brummer's a COMPLETE idiot.

Dumb Anguish said...

Ouch...That was all kinds of bright, Miss Sheila.

Steve said...

Hopefully she doesn't read this because that is horribly embarrassing but I have an honest question...why would KM3 hire her if she is both bad on the air and obviously not very intelligent?

Did this affect the trial at all?

Cogitor said...

I couldn't possibly tell you why 3 would hire her, except to suggest that they've been messing with teams for a while, and nothing has catapulted them back into the hunt, so they're grasping at straws. And that's not to say that she wouldn't be more successful there than at 6. I just happen to think she's not very good. Her attempts at banter often result in inappropriate coments. But that's beside the point here. After that stunt with the evidence, I'm convinced she's an idiot. You would think there's someone better out there, but wither there isn't, or KMTV's got no budget, or no clue how to find them.

The guy was found guilty, so it (the trial itself) all kind of worked out, but evidence tampering is not something one wants to do. I know I wouldn't put Brummer out in the field again.

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