Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We normally can't tolerate the Channel 3rd morning program for more than about ten seconds, but today we were able to endure two minutes or so. What we saw reminded us why watching smarmy dimwit Sheila Brummer and tiny weatherman C.T. Thongklin is even worse than tuning in to watch the hayseed duo that squeezes out Channel Sux's morning dump.

Granted, we should've changed the channel when Thongklin showed the station's "ThreatTracker" rising to "Calamity" on Thursday (it might rain) and assured us that such an event meant that he and the other weatherguessers at 3rd would be "on guard" against severe weather.

But were stupid. We stuck around for Brummer's account of pellet gun shootings in several neighborhoods on Tuesday. After reading the account left over from the previous night's 10 o'clock crew, Brummer began rambling about how she and her husband walked around "that neighborhood" on Tuesday evening and found everything calm. How that was relevant, one can only guess. 

Perhaps she was doing some of her amateur sleuthing/evidence tampering—the kind that got her hauled into court while she was a Suxer.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Monday marks the debut of Channel 3rd's run at a morning/midday local talk show.

Hosted by former KM3rd reporter Mary Martin (formerly Nelson) and Mike DiGiacomo, a recovering reporter from KETV, Morning Blend appears to be a "pay to play" offering that will focus on businesses who have purchased time from Channel 3rd's owner, Journal Broadcasting.

The last local talk program we can recall being produced at 3rd was Good Morning Day, an early-80s groaner hosted by longtime KMTV personality Joni Ballion and station-hopping radio morning host Dave Wingert. While the show was almost painful to watch back then (it lasted only a few months), it might look like Meet the Press if held up against what passes for early morning programming on Channels 3rd and Sux these days.

We're anxious to see what the folks at 3rd can slap together as they attempt to fill huge chunks of airtime with what are likely to be little more than unrehearsed infomercials. While we liked both DiGiacomo's and Martin's work as local reporters, it's hard to see this having a good outcome for either of them, unless it helps them get better gigs somewhere else.

Monday, April 19, 2010


SuxNews is milking the hell out of the fact that Ejacuweather meteorologist Andrea Rich ran in Monday's Boston Marathon.

[Insert your own thoroughbred joke here.]

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


How does the local paper run this story, about former Husker Eric Crouch promoting a constitutional amendment permitting non-profits to issue bonds for playground projects without mentioning that Crouch makes his living selling playground equipment?

Journalism much?
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