Wednesday, March 10, 2010


If the Peabody Awards committee ever bestows a prize for incompetence, Channel Sux should submit a tape of Wednesday's "Daybreak" program. 

Among the highlights of just one half-hour:
  • Rusty Lord warning that showers Wednesday night "could be a little more heavier";
  • Use of the term "Weathermaker" to describe what is essentially a forecast map;
  • Nadia Singh, standing at 120th and L Streets for no apparent reason, saying Nebraska could join "19 other states, including the District of Columbia" in adopting a law against texting while driving;
  • Maltard Maddox, referring to a Tuesday night "gain fight" (that's gang fight in regular-people talk); and
  • When Maltard finished a story about "bedge-itt ketts" eliminating jobs at UNL's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Jimmy Thiedlecki's jumped in with this nonsequitir: "That was a really big business card to begin with!" [Good one, Captain Cornpone! You're like a hillbilly Oscar Wilde. And people losing their jobs is always an early morning knee-thlapper.]
It was during this same 30-minute span that we were able to catch the latest Channel Sux promo, which urges viewers on Facebook to "become a fan of the Channel Six page!"

Really? A fan of a station's page? Or a fan of a station? Do the people who write this crap even know what Facebook is?

Oh how we hope there's an especially miserable corner of Hell reserved for every nitwit who helps churn this sludge out day after day.


Dumb Anguish said...

You know. I watched a bit this morning and I couldn't help but wonder. I’m not so sure a house fire, in an empty house, that is put out in less than an hour qualifies as "Breaking News" (accompanied by the melodramatic "breaking news” fanfare) simply because it happens to take place between 6:00 and 7:00 am when you’re doing your morning Daybreak show.

I mean, I know it took away time from giving yet another valuable update in the latest Facebook features, but still…

It's Raining In Spain said...

The first examples are simply business as usual for six. Jim Siedlicki's insensitive remark about people losing their jobs was offensive.

Cogitor said...

Alas, the one 30-second span when I heard Mallorie speaking like she was a professional news anchor was just an anomaly. She's back. It's not a Kansas twang, either. Plenty of Kansans know that hell is actually Oklahona, and not ice that falls from the sky.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Those remotes that La Nadia and Mike L. Sever'e are subjected to are completely redundant. Their novelty and usefulness ended in about 1981 or so.

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