Thursday, March 25, 2010


SuxNews's Nadia Singh is subbing this week for regular morning blabberer Maltard Maddox, who is subbing for evening anchor Tracy Madden, who is on vacation. 

There are plenty of things wrong with that picture, although we're not sure the morning arrangement is any worse than Maltard's usual festival of nasally, twisted pronunciations. 

But someone might want to tell Singh to stop waving her arms as if she's trying to signal passing aircraft. Her gesticulations, which sent her hands as high as her chin Thursday morning, are even more pronounced than those of evening anchordolt J-Pa Knicely, whose mitts habitually dart in and out of his headshots.

Our second suggestion would be that, if it's truly essential for Singh to be wearing a leather jacket at the anchor desk, someone should get her one that fits, rather than trying to pack her like a parachute into the one she wore this morning. Given management's desire to run newscasts with minimal off-camera personnel, that should free up at least a couple of staffers.

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Damon Scott Hynes said...

I love Nadia, think she's cute as hell and generally the most competent anchor who isn't named Tracy. But that leather jacket was a study in WTFitude.

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