Monday, March 08, 2010


On Sunday evening, when an Oscar winner thanked some Omahans in his acceptance speech, were we the only ones who thought we heard local newspaper columnist Mike Kelley crap himself? 

No one seems more obsessed with pointing out every mention the city receives, no matter the size, so a shout-out on a live Oscar telecast must've sent the poor guy right to the underwear drawer.


znk77 said...

Not only just any Omaha newspaper, I'm sure all the local news stations will have some sort of rant about in their news shows tonight. World revolves around Omaha!

SA McKenzie said...

Gotta love the olympic star (don't recall which one) in the most recent Witner Olympics, that, when asked about his Nebraska roots, told an OWH reporter that he lived here for about two months or so his toddler life and has no connection whatsoever to Nebraska. That was absolutely hilarious!!!! Geez...stop trying to bleed an Omaha connection out of everthing. It's beginning to remind of that small dog on the old LOONEY TUNES cartoons that keeps jumping around the big dog seeking approval. C'mon Blow-Me-Ha; grow up!

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