Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We go through this every so often, but it's been a while.

From time to time, what typically happens is that we make comments about someone's on-air work or goofy affectation and we're deluged with emails saying things like, "But he's a really nice guy," or "She looks great."

Therefore, we'll say it again. The perspective we offer here is that of the viewer, and our comments are based on the product that stations present on-air. It doesn't matter what the TV person is like behind the scenes. That doesn't improve the viewing experience one bit if the anchor or reporter can't pronounce Hernandez or slaps on a ridiculous and distracting amount of eyeshadow.

So while it's sweet that many who know him find J-Pa Knicely to be a pleasant fellow, the fact of the matter is that he is a joke as a news anchor. No one in this market seems more uncomfortable with transitions or unscripted conversation.

And while Maltard Maddox may be physically attractive, she typically has all the gravitas of a high school cheerleader and vocal delivery to match. If she spent as much time learning to pronounce gang and look as she spends on her thrice-a-year curling iron attacks, she might be someone we could take seriously.


Helio said...

Anyway..Jim Flowers (who is without any weather merit IMHO)is sticking a fork in Winter tonight. C'mon...who's excited?

Cogitor said...

So tell me...for two or three effing weeks it seems we've been hearing about "sticking a fork in winter". After tonight, are there going to be two weeks of, "we stuck a fork in winter", or can we mercifully let that die?

I know where I'd like to stick that fork. Hell, I'l like to jam the whole place setting up there.

Webchannel said...

You folks do not understand,if Jim does not stick a for in winter, IT WILL NOT END. Winter ends when Jim decides it ends, and it won't end until he sticks the fork in something and the whole crew laughs like a bunch of bumbling morons. Thanks to Jim, it is now officially spring, so get ready for severe weather graphics occupying 60% of your screen every time it gets cloudy within 200 miles of Omaha. Oh yeah, why didn't Jim review that winter forecast where he again inaccurately predicted every element of winter, now that would have been reason for all of those nimrods to roll on the set laughing.

Rick said...

That really pisses me off, the whole fork in winter thing. God does not like Jim Flowers and has been telling him for years to get out of weather forecasting. He will probably make it snow one last time to give Flowers a backhand to the 'stache, and I just put my snow blower away. Thanks Jim. Retire.

Helio said...

The weather warning "Fear Mongering" has begun!

OMG!!! Rain!!!

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