Thursday, March 18, 2010


An oft-run promo on WOWT gushes that the station is the first in the area offering full HD.

After Wednesday's day-long debacle—"technical difficulties" that shut down the "Daybreak" program and severely handicapped newscasts for the remainder of the day—the SuxNews braintrust might want to craft a new message celebrating the "Heartland's" first full HD meltdown.

This seems to be a case of chickens coming home to roost. A December story on Broadcast Engineering's website features Jim Ocon, Gray TV's VP for technology, bragging that “in Omaha, we are running newscasts with as few as two people. . . . Compare that to other similarly sized stations that require 10 people to put a comparable show on-air.” 

Who could've predicted that cutting corners so dramatically could result in problems?

Given the cluelessness of the suits at Gray, the cluelessness of its on-air team makes perfect sense.


Cogitor said...

Well, it certainly didn't take Nostradamus to predict that.

Thank GOD for accountants! If it hadn't been for accountants, those annoying 'minor' audio and video problems at Channel 6 every bloody day would be fixed by expensive technicians, severely cutting into the bottom line.

It's the technical distractions (even more than watching the terminally stuffed Latham and McIntire, Drama Queen Justin Joseph, or Flowers giddy over a purported snow event) that make 6 unwatchable. You can't get what little valuable news they might offer with your focus blown away by their laughable production values.

The ass hats running that place should never call themselves broadcasters, or, God forbid, journalists. They're merely bean-counters, without a clue. When WOWT's book finally drops into the basement, they won't even know why.

Operation Seng said...

This has been a decade and a half in coming. The braintrust at Sux began cutting the people behind the scenes back in the mid 90's because "we" were making too much money keeping the station on the air. Looks like they are reaping what they've sown and this is one former emp that couldn't be happier about it.

Guess the high school students and interns aren't working as well as they thought...

But then, I'm not really bitter.

omatvwatcher said...

It doesn't seem to matter what goes on over there. The general public will keep watching them because they've always watched John Knicely and Jim Flowers. I've looked at their fan page and women actually gush about how funny they think Jim Sidelicky is. Watch Jim and Mallory eventually graduate to the main anchor desk and then watch the nitwits follow.

Henry Mencken: "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

Also, even if the ratings declined, the managers would just cut more. As long as the profit margin stays up, it doesn't really matter what the quality is, they'll trumpet the profits. Look at Journal, look at the newspaper industry. Executives bragging about how they're back to profits a year after they eliminated about half of their employees.

newshound said...

The problems experienced at 6 are a prime example of the lack of intelligence by the bean counters and suits in the front office of broadcast faciltiies thinking machines can actually run a news outlet. Which prompts the question, "What do you call a bunch of bean counters and front office suits at the bottom of the ocean?" The answer is, of course, "A good start."

Dumb Anguish said...


If you want a real kick, go to “wall” tab on the WOWT Facebook page and click on “Just Fans”, you’ll see some awesome comments from people railing against WOWT incompetence. I’m afraid of mentioning it because given WOWT’s history, they will likely delete all comments that don’t portray them in a favorable light. But still, its refreshing to know that there’s a good number of people who are fed up with the foolishness. Some examples:

“Why do you guys always seem to have issues with equipment? Technical difficulties? Again? Please figure it out. We are tired of dealing with videos in the wrong slot for a story or audio being cut off (even absent altogether). We have been patient, and your inconsistency and errors are getting old.”

“That had to be the most unprofessional handling of an end to a news cast”

“It seems that it's amateur day in the control booth again!”

“Why oh why must Jim Steinlecke have that horrible nervous laugh at the most inappropriate times? I have been a lifelong fan of WOWT and am ready to start watching the news on CBS. Make it stop please!”

“everynight I watch the news and everynight the sounds goes off. maybe they need a new engineer. What is up with that.”

“What is wrong with WOWT's audio. It keeps breaking up and will go for several, sometimes many, seconds with no sound. Frustrating to the point I have to change channels”

“On today's a.m. news it was advised that everyone stay inside and off the roads unless it was absolutly necessary. Then turn around and suggest you haul your kids to the Children's Museum today to entertain them. Are you guys nuts or what??”

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