Monday, March 08, 2010


KETV took its turn on the stupidmobile during Sunday night's post-Oscar broadcast.

"What's on your makeup brush?" was the tease leading up to the piece, reported by the station's consumer reporter, Kristi Andersen.

It was hard for us to figure out why anyone thought this was a news story, until well into the report, which featured appearances by a dermatologist who advertises on the station and the founder of an Omaha company that sells a $59 brush designed to mitigate whatever supposed catastrophes lie waiting in regular brushes.

Apparently conjuring up crises designed to boost clients' fortunes is what it takes to cram five minutes of real news into a sixty-minute time slot. 


znk77 said...

Don't know why KETV had an hour long newscast after the oscars. It almost ran into their morning news. I'd like to see their rating numbers.

Helio said...

It was way too much hype for a lame ass story...FAIL

Cogitor said...

It was a commercial, NOT a legitmate news story. Running that package that was devoid of real news value but with those ties to advertisers completely voids any integrity they'd propose to assert. They're frauds, and they're at least as bad as Channel 6. As far as I'm concerned you can add blog space here to rip them as heartily.

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