Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's hard to remember better 6-7 a.m. SuxNews programming than what aired today.

We'll let an alert reader describe this unexpected treat:
This morning I woke up and instead of the Daybreak news they had the live feed of the Today Show with a message saying they were experiencing technical difficulty but not to worry, you could see the latest news on 
So I hit the rewind on the DVR to see what was going on and it was just plain bizarre. They were doing their "normal" morning news when suddenly Ms Maddox announced they were experiencing technical issues and to stick with them. 
Then you had several minutes of a WOWT logo before weather guy Rusty Lord appeared on the screen, sitting down, talking to the camera for a couple minutes...But with no sound whatsoever. Very weird.
Several more minutes of the WOWT logo before Maddox and Siedlecki appeared on the screen, talking to the camera...Again with no sound.
That was when they finally switched over to the Today Show.
Needless to say, they really outdid themselves this morning. And the sad part is that every single one of them will still be on the job tomorrow morning.
As far as we're concerned, they can air the first hour of "Today" twice a day, every day. If we're to be subjected to the same program two hours in a row, we'd much rather watch a professional operation than the self-absorbed, lithping, diction-challenged nitwits from the local outfit.


It's Raining In Spain said...

Not so fast...I wasn't watching that early, but I did catch the 725AM cut-in. Jim Siedlicki announced they were experiencing technical difficulties, and then...he proceeded to deliver an old-fashioned "rip 'n read" newscast (with weather update)with perfect cadence, articulation, and phrasing. No cornpone humor, no Gomer persona. I'm still amazed.

Dumb Anguish said...

Aha! I think they’ve found their niche. A five minute newscast. No gimmicks. No gizmos. No cute and clever catch phrases. Just delivering the news. It would be hard for them to even screw it up.

Of course, that’ll never fly. They’d try everything else, including delivering the news nude from a hot tube, before they went the old school route.

Operation Seng said...

...And surprisingly, the ratings actually went up this morning...

Omababe said...

>he proceeded to deliver an
>old-fashioned "rip 'n read"

Perhaps they should go back to the "rip-n-read" style as opposed to the overdone "Happy Talk" or other oh-so-trendy formulaic style!

Rick said...

The sound cut out half of the time during the 11:30 news too. Funny, I don't feel like I missed anything.

Anonymous said...

The 10p edition of SuxNews also is having audio problems. Also, someone needs to tell the young sports fellow to thin out his eyebrows. It's good to see someone new but honestly, I can't listen to a word he's saying because I'm waiting for the caterpillars to turn into butterflies...

Seth said...

The exact same thing the writer described with the daybreak newscast happened to the Friday 4 p.m. newscast as well. The showed the station logo for 11 minutes and ended up only having about a 10 minute broadcast.

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