Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Suxism, our new term for the worst habits of local TV news stations both here and across the country, is slithering into print journalism more and more often. 

Cartoonist/blogger Neal Obermeyer of Lincoln points out an AP story about Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning's claims that the health care reform measure passed on Sunday is unconstitutional.

In a post entitled, "Your Liberal Media at Work," Obermeyer names those quoted in the story—four Republicans (or their spokespersons), all of whom oppose reform—and then adds, "You know who wasn’t interviewed for a story on the constitutionality of the healthcare bill? An expert on constitutional law."

Such is life in the "Heartland."

You can find Obermeyer's blog here.


Merry said...

I hope they realize that this is NOT an amendment to the Constitution so it does not have to be ratified by the States. Once it's signed by the Pres it's a law.

Cogitor said...

True, but if the right judge were to find it unconstitutional, it would be voided.

Speaking of print, two keys in two days at Sux have been blaringly wrong, and plopped on the screen multiple times. One was about all of the "floding" the river is experiencing nearby. The other was just yesterday. I don't remember now what it was, but it was also pretty ridiculous. No one checks a damn thing at that place, do they?

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