Monday, February 22, 2010


KMTV has named a new news director: a guy named Al Carl.

According to his Facebook page, Carl is a graduate of Gretna High School and the University of Nebraska College of Journalism.

In the TV biz, since 1985, Carl's resumé includes stints in Scottsbluff; Mason City; Sault Saint Marie, Michigan; Saginaw, Michigan; Albany, New York; Huntsville, Alabama (two stations); Savannah, Georgia; and, most recently, two stations in Kansas City. He has not been at any single station for five years.

Given the revolving door at Action 3rd, that sounds about right.


LankBadly said...

Never trust a man with 2 first names!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come now, LankBadly, Ricky Bobby is awesome! :)

KentuckyRain68 said...

Why does this sound so not good.

Steve said...

He needs to do a better job of advertising the talent at the station. KM3 has been force-feeding Wang and Negreli down our throats for a long time (and it certainly is failing miserably). I'd like to see promos for Stowell (my favorite, most of my comments include her), Seigel, and Graham.

I've seen the other stations in town market their reporters and other anchors, maybe KM3 will catch up on the marketing front.

Also, whatever happened to the Christmas/Holiday promos that TV stations used to do? I miss those! You know, where a reporter or anchor is dressed in a cheesy Christmas sweater and has his/her family with him, all gathered around the tree. "From our family to yours..."

Ted Brockman said...


Channel Sux's holiday greetings are still on the station's Facebook page. At least until they see this and remember that they probably shouldn't still be up.

Steve said...

Thanks a bunch Ted Brockman, that is exactly what I was looking for! I love the holiday greetings.

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