Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Wednesday's 5 p.m. SuxNews "Live at Five" broadcast opened with another vintage performance by the crack squad at 35th and Farnam.

Reporting on a fight at "Millard High School" in which an administrator was apparently tasered by a student, reporter Justin Joseph, with assists from anchors John Knicely and Tracy Madden, managed to deliver the entire package without bothering to mention which Millard high school was involved (there are three).

Say what you will about that station, it's hard not to be impressed by folks who can so skillfully sidestep such a pertinent fact for an entire two-minute report.


It's Raining In Spain said...

Technically, Justin Joseph was correct in saying Millard High School...if this was 1980. Millard South was known as Millard High before the other two were built.
Six isn't incompetent, it's just thirty years out of date

KentuckyRain68 said...

Memo to KETV Staff:

If you are going to phone in a breaking news video and you KNOW who you are...DO NOT stand right in front of the stations bloody Logo. At least try to make it look like you cared enough to send the very best.

Al said...

Pathetic. Totally inexperienced reporter.

KentuckyRain68 said...
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KentuckyRain68 said...

Memo to Mr. Todd Andrews:
While that color blue really did look good on you tonight,please get rid of the sideburns.

You are not one of the teenage characters from Twilight. Those sideburns just make you look like a bore, instead of the INTRIGUING,SEXY AND GROWN-UP MAN I think you are.

Steve said...

Andrews has eyes like Steve Buscemi in "Mr Deeds".

KentuckyRain68 said...

Aside from those sideburns,I still think he's hot. All though it appears I might be the only one in the city with that opinion..

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