Wednesday, February 10, 2010


First, there was the "polar plunge."

Then came the "sun glare" craze.

Now, Giggly Jim Flowers and the Ejacuweather Hour-by-Hour Forecast Authority team have settled on their latest jargony obsession: "snow grains."

If he said it once during Wednesday's 6 p.m. Suxcast, he said it 20 times. (In the midst of all this, dimwit anchor J-Pa Knicely couldn't stop talking about cracker crumbs he found in the weather center.)

For us, that place is the gift that keeps on giving.


Bob said...

Sadly he doubled the count on the 10 o'clock broadcast. The scary thing is that I heard "snow grains" used all over the radio today too.

Dale Munson must cringe every time he hears it....

webchannel said...

Hey Jim, how’s that winter forecast looking. Let’s check it out.

You predicted above normal temps for December through March, so far December 6.4 degrees below normal, January 8.5 degrees below normal. Not even close.

You predicted 6 inches above normal snow for the winter, with a total of 35” at the Valley recording location (with above normal snowfall in March), so far 52.9” of snow. Not even close.

You predicted liquid precipitation to be 20-30% above normal, so far this winter; precipitation is 69% above normal. Scientifically, these predictions are so inaccurate, it’s embarrassing.

This is the weather authority??? Please admit that you only use the weather segment as a ratings tool, and have absolutely no credibility when it comes to predicting weather. Predicting the worst case scenario for every possible storm, by citing any resource possible, like the damn European model, or whatever, so if by chance the storm hits, you can make a fricken’ promo. Spouting off about your winter forecast during ratings week, when three years in a row now that I have kept track, you have blown it out your ass, and notice how you have made it less specific every year. Having weather warning maps and crawls taking up 40% of my TV every time a fricken’ snow grain is falling, or breaking in because it is thundering, please, please, please retire.

By promoting yourself as the weather authority and you can’t even be on air for the one tornado that actually hit the city of Omaha in the last 30 years, you are a fraud.

soccerdad said...

How about the fact that the other day the 5pm cast had the temperature at 34 degrees in Atlantic Iowa and Jim said that was a false reading and then the temp in Atlantic one or two nights later still showed 34 degrees - is it a software thing or are they just lazy?

Jeff said...

"snow grains" is a valid meteorological term.
snow grains—(Also called granular snow.) Precipitation in the form of very small, white opaque particles of ice; the solid equivalent of drizzle.

Rick said...

I heard 'snow grains' utter from under the porn stache and actually backed up the DVR to make sure I heard that right. Then, I flipped over to KETV to see them call it light snow or sleet, or whatever. At least they aren't trying to make terms up. That's like Joe putting an 'E' on the end of his name and pronouncing it Dear-tay. DON'T TRY TO FANCY IT UP!

Ted Brockman said...


I don't doubt that it's a valid term. I just wonder why Giggles and Company just discovered it and why they're using it with such mind-numbing frequency. Do they think it makes them sound more informed?

Helio said...

I thought that I was being too hard on Jim & his giggling. I take he hasn't stopped. I think he's having a little "snogasm" every time he gives us a forecast. But seriously - what is so freakin' funny about the weather?

I switched over to Bill @ KETV a while back. More accurate with less confusing babbling.

bcobb311 said...


Prepare to be addressed as "folks" at least 3 or 4 times a forecast.

Id pay to see a steel cage match between Randby and Flowers with Julie and the kids going to the winner.

Randby's brand of annoyance is best evidenced outside of the normal newscasts. Im not sure how much he makes for each time he cuts into regular programming with a severe weather alert but it must be quite substantial. Im pretty sure he gets off on it feels that it is a show of power that he can do such a thing.

The guy interrupted Lost one too many times over the years and for that I will never forgive him.

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