Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Sloppy proofreading seems to have spread to "Your Newspaper."

Another moonlighting Suxer, perhaps?


Bob said...

They have a long way to go after last night to catch Channel Sux. 7 minutes before the end of the 5pm "news" cast the camera swung over to show just the left arm of Johnny K as he kept blathering on.

The screen then went black for a good 2 minutes until they threw up the Channel Sux logo. The camera then flickered on to show the whole crew sitting then with their thumb up their asses while someone turned a wrench. 5 seconds later they cut to the NBC News feed.

Good entertainment all in all!

nebraska said...

The World-Hearld is so flagrantly worthless. I have long ago turned to the Chicago Tribune and WGN-TV in Chicago for better features and news than the local Omaha rags.

Jesse said...

Mistakes like that are to be expected at the OWH considering that their reporters do very little reporting. The OWH seems to pull 98% of their material from Associated Press news wires.

jolly joe said...

Hmmm, so apparently Benson and North high schools are interchangeable?
I could see if the names were SIMILAR, but...?
I don't like the implications in this mix-up.

KentuckyRain68 said...
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It's Raining In Spain said...

When you read that headline, don't overlook the grammatical issue. Are we talking about a student removed from an Omaha neighborhood after smoking marijuana?

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