Thursday, February 25, 2010


Our inquisitive reader's request for info on a 1960s Omaha anchor prompted a cascade of responses, many noting that the local paper's Mike Kelly did a story on the subject several years ago, and others pointing toward numerous newspaper articles on the Google Books website.

Here is that inquisitive reader's follow-up letter, in full:

I want to thank you and your alert readers for the information on Fritz Johnson/Larry Bader. It only took a day after you posted my information request on your web-site that I started getting responses. I now know the name, circumstances and details of Fritz Johnson/Larry Bader's disappearance from Ohio and appearance in Omaha but the conclusion of the story with his death from cancer a year later.
I want to particularly thank Rick, kdklown, Drew, Checkin' It Out and John not just for the information but to links where I was able to find additional information.
Again, I appreciate the efforts of your well-informed readers.

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